Why YOU Should Hire a Personal Trainer

Personal training is the most incredible gift to give yourself, it’s the most worthwhile investment in your current and future self.  Although I have been coaching for 20 years, I have always had my own trainer as well.  I need a coach to make sure I don’t just do the exercises I like but that I also do my physio/accessory work, keep pushing my comfort zone, and learning new things! 

Here are some of the reasons why YOU will benefit from having private sessions with a great coach:

  • You want to start working out but you don’t know where to begin and/or you’re feeling overwhelmed and intimidated.  Your personal trainer will get to know you, your needs, and your history and build your programming from there.  They will support and guide you so you feel confident in the gym as well as ensure you’re having a blast.
  • You’ve been working out consistently for years but you always do the same stuff and/or you have plateaued and stopped progressing.  A personal trainer will systematically build your programming so that it is changing consistently keeping you progressing towards your goals.  In addition you will never know what to expect which keeps the gym fun and exciting! 
  • You are injured or have been injured and you need to learn how to move better to prevent injury.  It is proven that finding ways to safely move your body while you’re recovering from injury not only helps you heal quicker but it helps you prevent injury in the future! 
  • You are a workout freak and want a huge challenge and to learn new exciting skills.  Some of us LOVE being pushed hard in the gym, and we want to feel like we left it all on the table – your trainer will program with this intention in mind and guide you in taking your fitness to the next level! 
  • You are an endurance athlete but have never spent much time with strength training.  Usually what happens with endurance athletes is they get injured and realize that strength training is important for injury prevention, or they hit a plateau with their training and realize strength training will get them crushing their goals.  (we love working with endurance athletes and watching them realize how vital strength training is to their sport!)
  • You struggle with staying consistent, maybe you workout for a few months but then fall out of your routine and it takes a long time to get back into it.  You are a great candidate for at least a weekly personal training appointment – this will keep you going when your motivation slows.
  • You travel for work or work shifts and finding a consistent routine is impossible.  We have many clients who will train with our coaches virtually from their hotel gyms or airbnbs to keep their workouts consistent from anywhere in the world.  
  • Your life demands a lot of you, maybe you have a very intense job and kids and you need to do something great for yourself but you don’t want to have to think.  Personal training is amazing for those of is who just want to show up, have someone else do the planning and decision making for us, and be able to just follow the guidance of your coach.

Do any of these categories sound like you?  Are you interested in learning more about how our personal training can get you feeling confident, strong, and energized?  Book a free Discover Your Goals call with us today!