When is the BEST time to workout?

The top scientists from around the world have put their heads together to find the Holy Grail of fitness which is the elusive BEST TIME to workout! The research has concluded that time is scarce. There is no extra time. The research also strongly suggests that there is time for what is important. And what is important is your health.

Feeling good, feeling strong, feeling confident, and setting yourself up for a healthy, rich future where you get to be an involved parent and grandparent and do all things you love — this is what’s important. With that said, the scientific community has shared the data on the optimal times to work out. We are sharing the research with you here:

First Thing in the Morning:

When something is important, we do it right away. We want it off our checklist, we want nothing to get in our way. Working out first thing in the morning wakes up our metabolism, gets our endorphins flowing, and sets us up to feel good, confident, and strong all day.


Sometimes our early mornings don’t belong to us. The kids need help getting to school, the baby needs us, or we made the executive decision that we are sleeping in today. Good! But once the kids are out, the baby is down for a nap, and your online world of emails and social media is in order, it’s time for a 9:30 am Bootcamp. A pro tip to make sure you get to class: put your workout clothes on in the morning when you wake up. Not having to change into your workout gear is one less thing to do before getting to class.

Midday Break:

Mornings are busy and the evenings are busier. Let’s use our lunch hour to work out! This will help lift our energy and mood, and help create a happier, calmer you for when the after-school, supper, homework, bedtime speed train hits in a few hours. I can hear it coming now…


The responsibilities of the day have been taken care of. Now we have to take care of you. Blow off steam and stress from the day. Have a sweat-fest with your partner, your kids, or locked in the basement by yourself. You’ll take a shower and feel refreshed, knowing you are doing what is best for you. This will help you connect better with your partner when you are calmer and happier in the evenings. Win-win!

Weekend Mornings:

No work, no alarm clocks required, no excuses! Let’s make sure that we include some self-care in our weekend. When our kids and family see us taking time to exercise, we role model fitness as part of life and self-care. Taking some you-time to work out will help give you the energy you need to start a new week.

The scientific community has spoken, and I have amazing news: LYB offers classes at ALL of these ideal times! We have 4 in-studio boot camps a week at our beautiful gym locations. We have over 20 live coached online classes a week for you to join from the comfort of your home and, we would love to get you started on your fitness journey and see you in some classes.

See you at a Bootcamp soon!