What to Do When You’re Struggling

Have you ever felt like you couldn’t possibly handle one other thing falling on your plate?  And then one more thing comes along and you manage but you think to yourself, “Okay – This has to be it.”…. But it isn’t?

We’ve all been there.  Where day after day you feel like you’re in survival mode, just trying to keep your head above water.  

Many of us have tools that we utilize daily that help us thrive and feel grounded.  Some examples of these tools might be having a regular exercise routine, planning meals that fuel us, connecting with our community, and getting adequate quality sleep.  The irony here is that when we are really overwhelmed, and really struggling (which is truly when we need these things the most!) keeping up with those day to day tools can feel IMPOSSIBLE.  

So what do we do?  How do we find moments to fill our cup so we can start to move out of just surviving and into thriving?

Here are some small but powerful things you can implement today to help you cope during this time when life is feeling like too much.

  • Adjust Your Expectations
    During these periods of time when our lives feel out of control we need to adjust our expectations.  Is it a realistic expectation that you will be showing up at the gym 5 days a week, for an hour at a time, giving 110%?!  When our energy is depleted, and we feel like we have only a quarter of a tank of gas leftover, then 25% effort in the gym is our 100%.
  • Reach out For Help
    This is so hard to do.  It’s INCREDIBLY difficult to do.  How many of us are way more comfortable giving help than receiving it?!  But it’s brave to ask for help.  It’s courageous to turn to our support system and tell them that we are not okay, and we need them.  So how can we ask for help in ways that might alleviate some stress from our days:
  • Organize care for the kids.  This might mean playdates, grandparent visits, arranging for carpools so you aren’t a chauffeur.  There can be a lot of guilt when asking people to help us with our kids but it takes a village… right??
  • Minimize Time Cooking.  Who is sick of planning their family’s weekly menu?!  Outsource parts of this.  Order your groceries online.  Order a meal kit service like Hello Fresh.  Plan a meal-share with your neighbours.  Order take out.
  • Connect with Your Community
    It is amazing how great it can feel to sit next to a friend or family member who just gets it.  When we are in these moments of overwhelm it can feel like way too much to get dressed and leave the house.  So don’t!  Find that friend who will come over and bring the popcorn, wear their pjs, and sit in the middle of your filthy living room and just listen.  If this isn’t an option I know I’m biased but our gym is full of members who are Going. Through. It. It can feel really comforting to just be in the company of other people who are trying to get through one day at a time.
  • Remember This Too Shall Pass
    When we are really struggling it can feel like this terrible period of time will last forever, and like it has always been terrible.  We forget that there will be a day when we will look back on this from a better place – we lose sight of the sun rising on the horizon.  This sounds over-simplified but it can help to remember we don’t have to do this forever, but we do have to do this for right now.  Implementing small coping mechanisms to help us feel like a human again will help soften the hard times until they start to get better.

We know that when you’re in the middle of something that is overwhelming and challenging you can feel isolated and like there is no way out.  We hope that by reading this if nothing else you feel less alone.  At Love Your Body Fitness we truly care about the members in our community and not just what they’re lifting at the gym.  We care deeply about their families, their mental health, and their personal life.  

If you’re looking for that type of community book a Free Discover Your Goals call today.