Why Semi-Private Personal Training is the new LYB Secret to Success

When starting your fitness journey, there are a lot of decisions to make including:

  • What are my goals?
  • Where do I want to train?
  • What style of training will be best for me?
  • What kind of community can I become a part of?

Traditionally there have been three kinds of fitness, 1-on-1 Personal Training, large group fitness classes, or training independently.

The different approaches to training each have their own benefits:  

Personal training brings individualized programming and one on one attention from your personal trainer. The client has the added accountability to show up, and the ability to work towards your goals are all bonuses. If you’re looking for the individualized support, attention, and programming to get you crushing your goals it’s worth the investment.  

Large group fitness training can be a more financially accessible option and the group atmosphere is motivating and fun!  The programming isn’t designed with your specific needs in mind; however you can still work towards your goals and challenge yourself within the provided framework of the class. The community aspect is one of the best parts – getting to build friendships and connections in a group of like-minded people, in a supportive community.

But… what if there was a way you could get both?

Accountability, affordability, individualized support, friendship, community.

LYB is known so well for our community and the high caliber of training. We saw a need to provide our members with the added value of Semi-Private Small Group Training. 

What is Semi-Private Small Group Training?

Smaller Groups / More Individualized Programming
Semi-Private Small Group Training is a weekly group training session with a maximum of 4 of the same people week to week. The workouts are programmed to meet the group’s collective goals while allowing the trainer to make small adjustments necessary to help each person work on their individual goals at the same time. The small numbers lets the trainer focus more on each individual person’s form and progress.

Semi-Private offers a more financially accessible option for folks who are looking for the benefits of personal training at a lower cost.  It is a middle-of-the-road option with most of the benefits of personal training with pricing closer to the group fitness training.

Accountability AND Community
Everything is always more fun with friends and Semi-Private brings just that. Friendship, community and accountability to show up for yourself and for the group as a whole. 

Email us at manager@loveyourbodyfitness.ca to learn more!