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There is always something new at LYB!

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There is always something new at LYB!

Show up for class virtually or in-person to experience our constantly varied, functional, high-intensity workouts. We create a new workout every day of the week for our bootcamps — that’s 365 different workouts a year!

We post our daily workout programming, as well as demo videos for each exercise, in our Members-Only Portal so you are ready to sweat in the live, coached classes! (You can also follow along with the recordings at your convenience.)

We want to give you a taste of our Online Training Program with our Weekly Features!

We will share with you here weekly a new exercise demo, workout, promos, featured blog and client spotlight.

✨Client Spotlight: Kathie Paddock’s Fitness Journey!✨

Meet Kathie, our strong, inspiring, and dedicated Boot camper who explains her fitness journey in her own words:

“I’ve always been ‘on again’ and ‘off again’ over the years with my fitness. Generally speaking, I’ve always loved being active. When I was younger, I would play sports to get fit (and hated the gym – ha!), but when I hit my 30s I realized I’d have to get fit to play sports. Life as a busy hockey mom made it difficult to commit to regular sports or workouts, and the pandemic just gave me a huge excuse to binge NetFlix instead of finding my way back on track to fitness. I tried to do a little indoor biking but mostly I did not do much during the lockdown beyond walking our golden retriever until I found LYB.

I’d been thinking a lot about how to get back at it but wasn’t finding a good way to do it. My husband loves to bike so he went crazy logging kilometers on his indoor bike trainer throughout the pandemic, but that just wasn’t for me. I needed something with a super flexible schedule that can keep me going regularly and keep me accountable. One day I happened to see a post in the Westboro neighbors facebook group about LYB taking place at Clare Park. Well, that’s about a 5-minute walk from my house and it’s super flexible so there wasn’t any reason not to jump in! I’ve been doing the outdoor Bootcamp and online yoga (I love yoga) since July now and I’ve already seen some big improvements in my energy levels, strength, cardio, and outlook. Even my previously sore back and knees have been feeling good!

My goals are to get in great shape and be able to keep up to (maybe surpass?) my sporty boys – my husband did a great job improving his fitness over the last year and my teenage son is the fittest person I know. I’m so proud of them and can’t wait to show them up on planks and burpees one day! I’ve been slowly increasing my weights and have a bit more to go on my cardio, but I’m so happy every time I crush a workout, even if I feel like laying on the ground for 20 minutes afterward, haha.

The thing I love most about LYB is how flexible it is. There is no excuse not to do it. Lots of time slots available, multiple days a week. If the weather sucks, I can join online. If I can’t make a timeslot, I can do the recording later. I told Kate “sign me up for a whole year right now. I don’t need to think about it”. What I also love so much is how Kate has positioned LYB as a positive community to encourage busy moms. She gets how hard it can be for us to put our needs first once in a while.

If you’re like me and your heart rate gets going during Bootcamp, take the time to do a proper cooldown – even if it’s just walking a lap or two around the house or outside. Because I live close to Clare park, my cooldown is my walk home (carrying dumbbells – ooof!). Another tip – if you’re over 40 like me, foam rollers and a lacrosse ball are your two best friends pre-and post- workout!

Feeling stronger and healthier makes me want to do more! I also find it incredibly inspiring to see the moms of the littles make it out to Bootcamp. I’ve been there and know how crazy hard that is. You’re my heroes!”

✨Client Spotlight: Karen Farrell’s Fitness Journey!✨

Meet Karen, our strong, inspiring, and dedicated Boot camper who explains her fitness journey in her own words:

“Before I joined our LYB, I was doing pretty well running and cycling and doing some online lightweight training. I have only been with LYB for a short time but they have helped improve my lightweight training.

I usually do light running in the summer, paddle boarding, and cycling up in Gatineau Park. I plan on continuing the lightweight training to increase muscle mass for a 10K race in the fall.
I love LYB because it is short, effective weight training that accommodates each person’s particular situation. Guidance from the instructors is amazing.

LYB made me realize how important my days off are, “honor your rest days”. And LYB taught me To “activate my glutes” to help with arthritic knees. Both pieces of advice have helped me push forward. I am very motivated to stay healthy as I age. Fun and effective Exercise makes me feel better all-around.”

✨Client Spotlight: Stephanie Kreplin’s Fitness Journey!✨

Meet Stephanie, our strong, inspiring, and Mommy-to-be Boot camper who explains her fitness journey in her own words:

I have always worked out and worked out hard. However, before LYB I was killing myself at the gym for an hour a day with minimal results. Like I’m talking dripping wet on the stairs and counting each minute I was there. Since joining Kate and LYB I now workout 3 times per week for 30 minutes each and am in the best shape I have been in. Lifting heavier weights, doing more reps, and feeling great. and I’m never watching the clock anymore. (ok well maybe through burpees lol)

I am also now 8.5 months pregnant and have been able to workout through my entire pregnancy with the proper guidance, modifications and have felt so taken care of at all stages of pregnancy

I am looking forward to having LYB by my side postpartum to guide me into my new body
The community is amazing. Kate is so knowledgeable, encouraging, and truly leads by example. The coaches are awesome and again having the right guidance and modifications for any injuries or body changes makes a HUGE difference in your experience and progress. All of the coaches also push you past where you think you can go and it makes a big difference mentally and physically

Reach out to Kate with anything you need. She has got you and truly loves helping and supporting you through the journey of life and fitness. Truly working out makes me feel good, gives me energy, keeps my head straight, and keeps me going through long workdays. I have always will always have to keep up with my walks and yoga and some self workouts and now being a member of LYB is added to my must-have in my life lists!

✨Client Spotlight: Erin Newark’s Fitness Journey!✨

Meet Nilufar, our strong, inspiring, and dedicated Boot camper who explains her fitness journey in her own words:

“I was athletic all my life. I played basketball and took part in several recreational sports groups. This all ended for me towards the end of university and I began to put on weight. I have always been on the curvy/muscular side but once the weight came on, I just did not feel good at all, physically and mentally. I began taking part in boot camps and attended boot camp/HITT sessions 6 days a week. I was able to drop the weight and regain my muscle. I was at my lowest weight when I got married. Once I had children, I was not sure how to lose weight. I connected with Kate and I began doing personal training sessions with her. I began to see results but then became pregnant with my 3rd child.

Now that I’ve had my 3rd child and 3rd c-section, I am back to square 1 on my journey. I need to lose weight again and repair the diastasis recti in my stomach. With 3 kids under 5, I know this will be a difficult journey but over time, I’m hoping to see results. Once medically cleared, I plan to rejoin LYB and work with Kate to repair my stomach and finally lose the weight once and for all.
I loved working out at home during the pandemic with LYB! The online classes were so easy to join and convenient. I saw results within a few weeks of joining.
I love LYB because the trainers take a special interest in your fitness journey, overall health, and mental well-being. The trainers are also very relatable.
My tip for all new mommies at LYB is to always join a class even when you don’t feel like working out! You will never come out of a session feeling worse. My kids inspire me to get fit and strong! Being able to be healthy in order to keep up with them.”

✨Client Spotlight: Nilufar Siddiqi’s Fitness Journey!✨

Meet Erin, our lovely dedicated boot camper. She describes her fitness journey in her own words:

“Kate! I had to send you these two pictures, one from pre-boot camp times and one from post Bootcamp times (recent). I’ve been doing your boot-camp sessions 3-4 times a week since March 2020. They have transformed me! I’m almost 37, have two children and admittedly never stuck to any workout regime longer than a couple of months. Your program and trainers are the absolute BEST.❤️ I’m also doing @eatwell.withisabel ‘s 6-week meal plan coaching. You are all so amazing. I would just like to mention that anything is achievable, if I can do it, anybody can!💪” Erin, we are celebrating your first boot-camp anniversary with LYB, cheers and a toast to your continued success! 🥂 Keep motivating all of us. Your dedication to just SHOW UP consistently 3/4 times every week is phenomenal!

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