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There is always something new at LYB!

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There is always something new at LYB!

Show up for class virtually or in-person to experience our constantly varied, functional, high-intensity workouts. We create a new workout every day of the week for our bootcamps — that’s 365 different workouts a year!

We post our daily workout programming, as well as demo videos for each exercise, in our Members-Only Portal so you are ready to sweat in the live, coached classes! (You can also follow along with the recordings at your convenience.)

We want to give you a taste of our Online Training Program with our Weekly Features!

We will share with you here weekly a new exercise demo, workout, promos, featured blog and client spotlight.

✨Client Spotlight: Jenna Brule’s Fitness Journey!✨

Meet Jenna, our strong, inspiring, and dedicated Boot Camper who explains her fitness journey in her own words:

“I started doing the online training program in September 2020 while I was on parental leave with our third child. I was able to attend the online classes very consistently and was enjoying the routine. As I prepared to return to work last June, my husband signed me up for personal training with MP. He claims that when I return to work, I get busy and stop exercising. Then I get cranky. He’s not wrong. And even once a week PT has kept me on track as I approach 6 months back to work.

The weekly PT session has allowed me to dramatically increase my strength and the amount of weight I’m lifting. With a whole hour of one-on-one training, I was able to increase the strength portions of my workout, try new exercises, and still fit in a solid cardio component. I now use Wednesday’s bootcamp as a recovery from Tuesday’s PT session!

I plan to keep up with the PT and online classes, and hope to get into the gym at least once a week to access some of the equipment I don’t have at home.

During the lockdown, with being able to work from home and with access to online classes, I was able to keep to a consistent training schedule (much more so than ever before!).

I love the people that come to class at 12pm every day, the variety of coaches, and the multiple options available to access different classes at times that work for me.

My advice: Find a workout buddy if you can. Whether it’s a trainer you meet each week, a friend you show up with or a partner that joins you online. It really helps!

What motivates me is that I like to see results, I like how I feel after I workout and I love not feeling exhausted every time I carry a hockey or ringette bag or crouch down to tie a pair of skates.”

✨Client Spotlight: Laura St-Cyr’s Fitness Journey!✨

Meet Laura, our strong, inspiring, and dedicated Boot Camper who explains her fitness journey in her own words:

“Before my personal training journey, I was jumping on and off the band wagon with virtual classes throughout the pandemic, while learning how to make my fitness fit my new lifestyle.

I am absolutely CRUSHING it in my fitness journey like never before. Integrating Personal training has pushed me to new heights and levels of strength + endurance in my body, my mind, my personal and family life and even my business and ability to serve my community at large. I am better and stronger as a whole with the training twice a week.

Two stops coming up in my journey! Building up the home gym with all my new favorite equipment like the squat rack AND sharing the love with the fitness classes and training to those around me. I want everyone in my life to live a long and healthy life so enjoying the workouts with my husband, my kids and even my clients is the stop I am at right now.

My training during lockdown was excuse-free. Kate and the LYB team make it impossible to fail. They deliver high-end touchpoints and personalized training at all times. I signed up seamlessly late at night in the middle of lockdown while watching Netflix and chilling and the integration and variety of memberships have allowed me to grow within the program and evolve over time.

I love LYB because it makes me feel like a million bucks, it provides the bookends in my week to secure me for success and it gives me a rejoice in the middle of the week so I can crush my goals and stay on track. 

Any tips that you would like to share with our lovely LYB community?

Start where you are at, be graceful and loving to yourself through your journey, don’t compare yourself to others and celebrate your own wins. 

My family motivates me more than anything else. I want to be an absolute Rockstar to each of them and a pillar of support in the family forever and ever, to take care of one another we need to take care of ourselves too. My dream is to be a shiny bright star who can kiss the heads and lift up the babies of my children’s children while still dancing to salsa with my husband like when we first met!”

✨Client Spotlight: Stephanie Glanville’s Fitness Journey!✨

Meet Stephanie, our strong, inspiring, and dedicated Boot Camper who explains her fitness journey in her own words:

“Before yoga, I wasn’t really doing much physical activity and was experiencing a lot of discomfort in my body from living a sedentary life. I ended up finding yoga, which kickstarted my fitness journey. I loved the calm refreshed feeling after a class. It has also helped me become more self-aware and present in my life. ​I started doing a lot of yoga, and was drawn to more power-style classes, which is how I found Kate (her classes were so much fun!!). I enjoyed challenging both my body and mind.

From yoga I shifted into doing more strength-based workouts/activities and now enjoy more restorative or yin yoga to complement these.
I would love to do more powerlifting. I find it empowering and love feeling strong in my body.

I personally found it difficult (during lockdown). I am the type of person that does best when I am in a regular routine and plan my life around my workout schedule. So the continuous changes did present some challenges with maintaining this.

I love LYB because the workouts are challenging but efficient. They are also so convenient – I love that I can fit them into my lunch hour no problem, which is a nice way to break up my day!

Any tips that you would like to share with our lovely LYB community?
We are all on our own unique journey so be kind to yourself.

What keeps me motivated is wanting to feel my best, which is when I am taking care of both my mind and body. My workouts play a big part in this!”

✨Client Spotlight: Stephanie Kreplin’s Fitness Journey!✨

Meet Stephanie, our strong, inspiring, and Mommy-to-be Boot camper who explains her fitness journey in her own words:

I have always worked out and worked out hard. However, before LYB I was killing myself at the gym for an hour a day with minimal results. Like I’m talking dripping wet on the stairs and counting each minute I was there. Since joining Kate and LYB I now workout 3 times per week for 30 minutes each and am in the best shape I have been in. Lifting heavier weights, doing more reps, and feeling great. and I’m never watching the clock anymore. (ok well maybe through burpees lol)

I am also now 8.5 months pregnant and have been able to workout through my entire pregnancy with the proper guidance, modifications and have felt so taken care of at all stages of pregnancy

I am looking forward to having LYB by my side postpartum to guide me into my new body
The community is amazing. Kate is so knowledgeable, encouraging, and truly leads by example. The coaches are awesome and again having the right guidance and modifications for any injuries or body changes makes a HUGE difference in your experience and progress. All of the coaches also push you past where you think you can go and it makes a big difference mentally and physically

Reach out to Kate with anything you need. She has got you and truly loves helping and supporting you through the journey of life and fitness. Truly working out makes me feel good, gives me energy, keeps my head straight, and keeps me going through long workdays. I have always will always have to keep up with my walks and yoga and some self workouts and now being a member of LYB is added to my must-have in my life lists!

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