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There is always something new at LYB!

LYB weekly

There is always something new at LYB!

Show up for class virtually or in-person to experience our constantly varied, functional, high-intensity workouts. We create a new workout every day of the week for our bootcamps — that’s 365 different workouts a year!

We post our daily workout programming, as well as demo videos for each exercise, in our Members-Only Portal so you are ready to sweat in the live, coached classes! (You can also follow along with the recordings at your convenience.)

We want to give you a taste of our Online Training Program with our Weekly Features!

We will share with you here weekly a new exercise demo, workout, promos, featured blog and client spotlight.

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 Bring-a-Friend to Class for Free!

We welcome our Members to bring their friends and family to workout with them for free during the last week of the month.

Are you a member? Make an account for your friend and book them for a free class with the promo code WorkoutBuddies.

Friends who sweat together, stick together.

Client Spotlight: Alexis Reid’s Fitness Journey!

Meet Alexis, our dedicated Cross-Fit Boot Camper. She explains her fitness journey in her own words! 💪 “My name is Alexis Reid, and today I’m going to be telling you about a wonderful gym that I have stumbled across from my years of training. It’s called ‘Love Your Body Fitness.’ I am doing cross-fit personal training. In the cross-fit open, disabled category. But I am a cross-fit athlete, no less!” 🏋️ “I know there’s a lot of people who want to lose weight, but if you can’t love your body, how can you love somebody else? You have to love yourself first before you can love anybody else. Put yourself first. Those people who say they work out because of a 9-5 or don’t have time after getting home. Too busy making supper, cleaning the house, etc. the key focus is that you take the time to work out. You fit it into your schedule for the day.” ❤️ “I absolutely love Love Your Body Fitness, its positive message just gets me going and I think you should join too! All the personal trainers at LYB are awesome, so it doesn’t matter who you get, they’ll work you well and hard!” 😀 “LYB has saved my life. I was depressed where I was living and LYB saved my butt! Like, literally. Whenever I workout with one of the LYB personal trainers, it is an amazing day for me. 1. because my energy spikes up 2. my enthusiasm spikes up! I’m happy to mention that I’m participating in the cross-fit games because of LYB’s help and I CANNOT WAIT!!” 🙌 “I hope you consider joining LYB, you may not like working out now, but I promise you, working out at LYB will change that! You may want to compete just like me.” 😍 “It comes down to mind, body, and spirit. Love your body.” 👍

Featured Blog

In this Blog, “In Conversation with Coach Isabel Botros”, Isabel talks about some of her crushes, favorite people, food, workout, and the LYB team, giving us an opportunity to know a little more about life of a busy and inspiring fitness coach.

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