Virtual Training – the silver lining of the pandemic!

Virtual Training

So many clients were hesitant to try online or virtual training, luckily – I’m incredibly stubborn and pretty convincing! But when the gyms closed (nearly 2 years ago) I decided that my clients had hired me to keep them fit and that with gyms closed they needed me more than ever!

I released my first online workout the SAME DAY the gyms closed, then I got to work on building an awesome online platform and program to keep my clients excited, accountable, connected, and still feeling like part of a community.

With my private clients: I made sure they all had a little equipment at home and we started online training immediately (in fact – we didn’t miss 1 workout that the first week!). This program kept me going as well, I spent 8 months with no gym to train at and my program as well some virtual personal training with some of my great coaches kept me strong and fit throughout!!!

2 Years Later

Nearly 2 years later here is what I’ve learned: the population I serve (busy moms and busy people) are able to workout MORE with my online program than they did when the gym was open!

Most of my clients struggled to get to the gym more than twice a week before the pandemic. Between demanding jobs, kids activities, daycare drop-offs, and pickups… there just wasn’t that much time in the week.

With the 30 min online classes on zoom (and recordings available if you can’t make the live class), many of my clients are working out 4-6 days per week. Some clients are in a long term consistent routine for the first time EVER in their lives, and many others have had dramatic changes in their fitness levels, body composition and are now experiencing more energy, better mental health, better sleep, better mood, better sex, better performance at work and the list goes on.

Let’s be honest – at this stage of the pandemic, most people are less fit and less healthy, so these results are extra impressive! My clients report that our quick 30 minutes (intense classes) have saved their mental and physical health even while working from home with a few kids trying to do online school!

I can’t tell you how great it feels to hear from so many people what an impact LYB has made on how they’ve coped through the last two very hard years!

Our Private Clients

Our private clients have experienced great things as well. Most of our private clients are very busy professionals with large jobs that need to just turn up and do what we say to reach their goals. With the commitments they have in their lives already, things can easily get in the way of their exercise time.  Therefore, we set them up with the right workouts to effectively use their time and they can get (or stay) as fit as they want to be! Now that virtual training is an option, our clients don’t cancel on us for minor illness, travel, vacation, snowstorms, closed daycares… because even with the gyms open we can always go online when they can’t make it in.

Let me tell you, there has been a huge shift in how people feel on the other side of the holidays when they stay in their routine from wherever they are, consistency is the key to all things and online training has brought even more consistency to this group! Some of our clients will never come to the gym again because it is just SO convenient (and still So effective) to work out from home with their trainer online.

At the end of the day, if you haven’t yet accepted online training as a part of your fitness program – it’s time. I promise you the right program will be extra effective with the extra consistency that online brings. And if you’re still digging in your heals – what do we tell our kids?