The Method Behind the Madness: LYB Coaching Explained

Whether you have been attending/participating in our LYB workouts for months/years or just a few weeks, you have likely noticed a few things about our workouts. Although it may seem that the LYB workouts are programmed solely to crush you and entertain us, there is a method behind the madness! 

Why we program the way we do:


First and foremost, our workouts are always different (unless doing a repeat workout). Within your first month of training with LYB, you will see several different movements, formats, and time domains. This is because our body adapts to the stressors placed on it both physically and mentally.  If you introduced your body to a new movement, it takes time and practice for the brain and body to learn it. As you continue to do this movement, the brain will become familiar and your body will gain the strength and capacity to perform it. However, if you repeat the same workout over and over again you will see initial adaptations but change will be limited past this stage. The body needs variety and when you train several different movements and time domains your body is constantly having to adapt and improve to keep up with what is demanded.

Functional Movements

Although we do have some workouts that can be more “leg heavy” or “upper body focused” our workouts don’t split up body parts and most importantly cardio and strength are not two separate entities. An LYB workout often uses your full body, gets your heart rate up, and focuses on strength all in one. Our movements and formats are chosen based on their “functionality.” Functional movements are exercises that are directly applicable to movements that we perform in our day to day life. We train to be fit but more importantly, we train for longevity and to have the highest quality of life possible. Unfortunately choosing the same 5 exercise machines repeatedly is not going to help you pick up your kids without putting your back out.

Multiple Options

It would be so simple if we programmed a workout and everyone could do it exactly as written but the reality is, everyone has different capabilities, strengths, injuries, energy levels, equipment, and goals. We get to know our members and make it a priority to learn how they move and what they need. Based on this we intelligently provide options that will create progress while still providing a great workout. 

This blog post was written by Coach Lacey Thompson.