Take Control of Your Energy by Dr. Cole Futterer

PASSION. GRATITUDE. AUTHENTICITY. JOY.  CLARITY. PURPOSE. CERTAINTY. These are the things I strive to feel on a regular basis — and most days I do.   I feel it stronger than ever before.   I have a deeper connection to my body and mind and more control over my stress levels.  How did I achieve this, you ask?


It’s a really simple concept to follow and one that I think gets overlooked.


On the flip side, low energy levels are associated with fatigue, depression, poor eating habits, low levels of exercise and more negative thoughts. You don’t tend to hear someone say: “I’m so exhausted, I’m having the best day.”

Now for the big question: HOW DO YOU GET MORE ENERGY?


You probably already know that nutrition plays a big role in energy levels.  Feed your body with good fuel and it’ll allow you to feel more energized.


Stress feels like being in a state of disorder and chaos.  It feels like 1,000 ping pong balls bouncing off of the walls all around you.  I want you to picture this.  I then want you to picture someone hitting a ping pong ball towards you.  Try to follow it right into your hands and catch it.  SOUNDS NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE, DOESN’T IT?!!! You may catch a ball, but are you even sure it’s the one that got hit at you?
This is what it is like trying to understand what you’re experiencing during times of chronic stress.  It’s hard to know what’s actually going on!  You tend to be distracted and disconnected.


We also tend to have a reduction in sleep quality – a crucial component to regenerating the body and feeling energized.


I want you to picture all of the ping pong balls dropping to the floor and coming to a complete stop.  Now, when the person hits that ping pong ball at you, it’s easy to follow right into your hands.  You’re also certain that it’s the ball that was hit at you.
This is how you experience when you’re under a state of relaxation.  It brings much more clarity about how you feel and then it allows you to make more authentic choices about how to live your life.


Less Stress = More Energy
More Energy = More Potential for JOY and PURPOSE to your life

It’s important to understand that your nervous system is always trying to keep you safe above all else.  These ping pong balls are defense strategies to try to keep you safe during times of stress.  It’s just that if you’re always stressed, whether you’re aware of it or not, you’re missing out on the experiences to help you understand your world.  So, How can we find stillness and connect?

1. BODY WORK – “the issues are in the tissues”

This is my wheelhouse.  This is my PASSION.  In every appointment I address the hardware: alignment of the joints and something that’s not always talked about or not known about, the organs.  (Aside: get your organs looked at by myself or someone who specializes in it — it is such a huge part of the body that rarely gets the attention it needs, until something goes wrong.)  The hardware needs to be aligned to allow the fascia and musculature to sustainably hold efficient levels of tension – efficiency makes for a light and energized nervous system.
It’s a pretty mainstream concept now but  “issues really are in the tissues”.  When you can create connection to the fascial system through movement or body work, you start to be able to connect to past experiences or traumas that weren’t understood.  When your nervous system has this understanding, it no longer needs to protect you from this experience.  It needs less ping pong balls. Using techniques that help to regulate your nervous system and allows you to create better connection, is a priority in my treatments.


It seems so simple.  We ALL have to breathe and yet, most of us don’t do it very well.  Not only does learning how to breathe properly allow you to feel more relaxed, it will support your spine by creating proper intra-abdominal pressure, thus reducing inefficient tension patterns.  Now of course less tension feels good — and why??? Well to understand this, make your hand into a firm fist.  Now think of doing it for 24 hours. You’ll have burned a lot of energy doing it instead of putting that energy toward something more meaningful!


Mindfulness, meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, strength training.  These are all things you can do on your own to take control of your energy.   If you don’t know where to start – MOVE YOUR BODY! DANCE! Try them out and see what feels right for you BUT remember that like with most things, it takes time to get good at them and find the results you’re looking for.

To sum it all up: find more ENERGY.  You’ll be GRATEFUL you did. With energy, anything and everything feels possible.

Dr. Cole Futterer – Owner & Chiropractor of Lebreton Wellness

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