Say No to Exhaustion and YES to You this Holiday Season

It’s not your Responsibility to make the Holidays Magical.

The holidays are great right?  I mean sometimes. But also, every mom I talk to right now is SO BURNT OUT and suffering from exhaustion. Because Hannuka/Christmas is a whole lot of pressure on already exhausted women and parents!

Let’s think about it for a second.  Who in the family is in the greatest need of a break night now?  The kids? Not likely!

Nine times out of ten (at least) Momma, or whoever is the primary parent, is super tired right now!  And it is usually this primary parent that’s leading the way on holiday planning, booking vacations, coordinating travel, hosting family, planning/shopping/cooking large meals, figuring out gifts, wrapping gifts…. The list goes on!  And they are doing all of that while working their job and managing the home/kids etc., or while not working and managing a bunch of tiny humans (which is actually way more work than going to work!).

If that wasn’t enough, there’s the pressure of everything being “perfect”. Perfect gifts, magical Christmas morning, all the family acknowledged, finding some way of doing something meaningful for charity, having a perfect home for the company that’s coming… it’s a lot!

No wonder my women focused/mom focused business generally has its slowest month in January!  The women are recovering from the holidays (all while feeling guilty that they didn’t *insert whatever they are feeling guilty about here* enough over the “break”).

Ok, let’s all take a deep breath.  It’s ok to admit that you’re really really tired right now. And that maybe the extra that comes with the holidays feels like a little too much.  Now, let’s think of a few things we can all do to actually come out of the holidays feeling a little better, and a little more rested. Let’s fill up our cups!  Before the mom-guilt kicks in: WHEN WE ARE RESTED AND TAKING CARE OF OURSELVES WE ARE HAPPIER, WE HAVE MORE PATIENCE, WE HAVE MORE ENERGY!  Everyone in our lives benefits from us making time to feel our best!

No more guilt. Let it go. Let’s think of a few things you can do to feel better and more relaxed over the holidays.

Start by identifying what you NEED the most (here are some examples of what I need the most – yours can be different)

  • Sleep
  • Exercise
  • Vegetables
  • Alone time
  • Time with my partner
  • Quality time with my kids

Now pull out your agenda and carve it in there, but also find a way to make it actually happen.  Enlist the support of others to get what you need out of this holiday. After-all, you are doing your best to give everyone else a great time. You are also important and can ask for what you need.  Here are some examples:

  • Speak to partner/family that is visiting about how you really need a little recovery from sleep deprivation and could you get a few mornings to sleep in?
  • Speak to partner/family about getting time to yourself to get your exercise in – one of the most important things to leave the holidays feeling great!
  • Ask family to babysit while you and your love sneak out to the spa for a day together, or a hike/ski day/walk on the beach
  • Plan something special that YOU will enjoy with your kiddos
  • Plan something special for your partner to do with the kids and leave you at home on your own

These are just examples but we can get really intentional about what we need to feel good and we can make it happen!

Here is what I want you to know:

You DESERVE to have a restful holiday and to enter the new year with a little more energy.

I LOVE helping women lower their exhaustion and carve out time for themselves. Learn how to prioritize your needs a little better, send me a DM if I can help you 🙂 OR book a free consult with one of my amazing trainers!

All my love,