Reconnecting with my Strength & Movement practices after PREGNANCY.


The changes to my body during pregnancy were something in of itself, but to say I was shocked by the physical changes and rehabilitation postpartum is an understatement.

Before getting pregnant, I believed I would be pregnant for 9 months, pop the baby out, and then return to my favorite activities. Everyone’s journey is different. My journey took me longer to recover from my pregnancies- than I was pregnant.

As much as the appearance of my body changed, I struggled with the changes in how my body felt and moved. Being active and moving my body is something I love, but my body felt so different postpartum. I didn’t trust it to be able to support me in my usual activities. I have a vivid memory of me balancing on one foot in a Yoga class- at around 8 weeks postpartum, and feeling SO unstable.

Returning to the activities I loved was important to me. But, I also knew that I had diastasis recti and a bladder prolapse which sounded TERRIFYING to me.

The return to physical activity

The key to my return to physical activity was finding a pelvic floor physiotherapist that I trusted. They helped me in a way that was intelligent, safe, and systematic. I needed a professional who wasn’t fear-mongering. Your physiotherapist must be supportive of you returning to the activities you love. My provider knew I wanted to run, strength train, and practice Yoga, so we worked towards how I could return to those activities safely. In addition to that, I chose to surround myself with fitness professionals who understood postpartum recovery.

The pregnancy and postpartum journey is a complicated and nuanced one. You must know you aren’t alone and that there are resources out there to support you in whatever direction you’d like to take your recovery.

If you’re considering physical activity, talk to one of our personal trainers.