and Group
Fitness Training in Westboro.

Making your health a priority does not seem so daunting with one-on-one support from a trainer or supportive group classes.


Personal and
Fitness Training in Westboro.

Making your health a priority does not seem so daunting with one-on-one support from a trainer or supportive group classes.

We will get to know you, your needs, your goals, and your routines to develop workouts that are so fun and effective you will want to send us a thank you card (yes, really!). Plus, we will keep you accountable!!


I just had a baby – when can I start seeing a trainer?

After your 6 weeks checkup when you have the go ahead from your doctor or midwife.

Can I sign up with a friend?

Absolutely! Contact us to set up a Partner Training package!

Give your body what it deserves.

Personal Training

This is the best way to reach your goals, set new ones and reach those, too!

Whether you are recovering from birth, injury or you are a very busy person who struggles to make time for your health and fitness, personal training is tailored to your needs!

Our trainers work together as a team: if your schedule varies, we will set you up with a few coaches so that you can always train when you need to.

Many of our clients prefer the convenience of virtual personal training (we have clients across the country!). If you are interested in virtual training, we will help you plan your home gym based on your budget and space!

Children are welcome in your PT sessions. Your coach will be happy to help entertain them while you sweat!

Not sure where to start?

Mobility Training

 What is Fascial Mobility Training?  

Fascial Mobility Training (FMT), is a general stretching that uses assisted table-based method to improve mobility, reduce pain and provide many other benefits such as

  • Range of motion
  • Fitness performance
  • Relaxation
  • Stress relief
  • Muscle tension
  • Injury recovery
  • Muscle activation

Who is it for?

Mobility Training is for people of all ages and fitness levels including, active movers, fitness enthusiasts, and athletes of all levels.

Stretch Fascia vs Muscle

Fascia surrounds each muscle and connects them to each other superficially & deep. It’s a body wide functional network that connecting from tendons, ligaments, and bone. We can achieve more benefits by integrating a global perspective on stretching these fascial connections compared to traditional isolated muscle stretching.

What can you expect after your 1st session?

Mobility can often improve after the first treatment but it’s only temporary, therefore we will give you exercises to help maintain this after your first visit. A few sessions are normally recommended. Each plan varies with individual needs and wants. Many individuals report a decrease in stress, improved sleep, and a significant decrease in pain in sometimes as little as three treatments.

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Group Fitness

We have a jam packed schedule both online and in the gym! All of our classes have a strength training component as well as a conditioning component. We focus on functional fitness, HIIT, and changing up the workout for every class in order to give you the best results in a fun and effective 45 minute class (online is 30 min).


We have 3 different class styles that we offer:

Athletic Conditioning:
combine HIIT with longer slower burns! Don’t be surprised by wicked core burn at the end! We are all functional fitness – the most important movements for your body to be doing! Classes are open to all levels!

Strength and Conditioning: Guaranteed great sweat for all fitness levels! This class is programmed to kick your butt in a safe, challenging, and modifiable way. Get your full body strength and HIIT style cardio done in this super fun and very efficient class!

Family Bootcamp: Fun and challenging for all levels. Full body, functional training, HIIT, designed to get you in the best shape of your life! Safe for all levels, the class is designed to be scalable, so wherever you’re at – we’ll take great care of you. You can bring babies and kids of all ages (multiple children are welcome!). Please note that children are welcome to be children, they are encouraged to join in, or just run around and make noise 🙂 All postpartum folks, and parents are welcome!

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Corporate Fitness

What happens when you prioritize the health and fitness of your staff?

Studies show that employees who exercise over their lunch break report boosted performance, better mood, improved time management and productivity, are less likely to suffer from post lunch energy dip, and use fewer sick days. Get your staff’s collective heart rates up with live fitness and yoga classes (for far less than the price of a gym membership) or schedule private classes just for your team!

Teams who sweat together, stick together.

Fitness Parties

No matter what you’re celebrating, do it with a memorable evening of fitness, fun, and friends.

From bachelorette parties to birthdays and everything in between, you and your closest friends will love celebrating with one of our motivational instructors. The music, the location, and the classes are tailored to your and your friends’ interests.

Our classes accommodate everyone, regardless of fitness level, abilities, or injuries.

Whether you’re dipping your toes into the world of fitness or you’re ready to commit to a full membership, we’ve got something for you.

Nutrition Services

Whether you are looking to lose weight, optimize performance, adjust to food sensitivities, or just trying to live a healthier lifestyle, we will support your journey through body positive, healthy sustainable lifestyle and diet changes. We believe that changing how you eat needs to come from a place of loving your body through self care (not hating your body into being skinny!). We will coach you through slow sustainable changes that you can maintain 80-90% of the time for life! Remember, if you can’t keep it up most of the time forever, there is no point in doing it!

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“I’m in the best shape of my life

I’ve had a lot of trainers in my life, and Kate is by far the best. She is kind and encouraging while demanding that you do your best, and she’s excellent at adjusting exercises to individual needs.

I’m in the best shape of my life after a year with her, with the least number of injuries, because she’s so good at making sure form is as perfect as possible. I firmly believe Kate is the key to surviving quarantine healthy and happy. Looking forward to seeing them in person soon!”

– Jane Lee

It is time to take care of YOU!