Our Awesome Coaches

Kate Laird - Owner/Head Coach/SuperMom


Kate has been in the fitness and yoga industry in Westboro for over 10 years. Her certifications over the years have included Personal Training, Group Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness, Resist-A-Ball, Aquafit, Power Yoga, Tune up and more! She is experienced in working with all levels from high end athletes to seniors, and has a passion for working with mothers. Kate likes to teach her clients to make time for their fitness and prioritize self care and health. She encourages people to love their bodies healthy rather than hate their bodies skinny – that means instead of “I’m not good enough, I need to lose 10 lbs.” instead you say “I deserve to take the time to exercise regularly and I deserve to eat a healthy diet so that I can be at my best”. Regardless of your goals (weight loss, increased energy, increased strength, whatever) this philosophy will get you there!

Kate understands what its like to be busy! She’s a single mom, runs her own business and continues to prioritize her fitness. You’ll frequently catch her attending classes at Pure and Yogatown as well as Crossfit 1855, she loves to have her butt kicked when she’s not kicking someone else’s!

No matter your goals or your schedule, Kate can help you get where you want to be! Contact her ASAP to get started, you deserve to be the healthiest/strongest YOU you can be!

Rebecca Rousseau - Coach/Trainer Extraordinaire


Rebecca is outgoing, and fun-loving with a passion for health and fitness. Her motivation is to see her clients achieve their goals, and strive toward being their best selves. She chose to leave her career in finance to pursue her dream, working as a certified personal trainer. For the last three years she has been living out this dream working with teams, groups, and individuals. In addition to her personal training certifications, she has a specialty in fitness nutrition and functional range conditioning. Rebecca is always furthering her education in the health and fitness industry, to help maximize what she can offer her clients. When Rebecca isn’t working with clients, you can find her on the field playing Australian Rules Football for the Ottawa Swans, and the Canadian development team.

Rebecca is overflowing with energy and always on the go. You can find her training at #bodiesbyphil, boxing at UVU Fitness, or lifting heavy at 1855. 

When she’s not training, you can find her on the Footy pitch playing or practicing Aussie Rules Footy with the Ottawa Swans. She also loves to curl up with a book; everything from professional development to health & wellness are her favourite.

Her love for fitness and healthy living are what motivate her to push herself to grow everyday. This passion is what will challenge you to set new goals and reach your full potential. Rebecca will be there to motivate and inspire you along the entire journey. Contact her today to begin on the path to becoming your best self!

Lacey Thompson -Coach/Crossfit/Yoga/SupaStar


Lacey has spent the last decade working in the fitness and wellness industry. The passion ignited from many years as a competitive athlete, where she fell in love with the camaraderie and drive towards a common goal as well as the high level conditioning and nutrition required for success. Pursuing a career in the health field has provided the opportunity to live out her passion, empowering and educating others on leading a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Along with being a graduate from the Heath and Fitness diploma program, she is a certified personal trainer, functional training specialist, strength and conditioning coach, a 200 hour certified yoga teacher and a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer. She is currently competing in the sport of Crossfit which involves a pretty rigorous 6 day a week training schedule but she wouldn’t have it any other way. Her belief is that success starts with you discovering your reason why it’s worth it. Then once provided with the right tools, every person has the innate ability to create positive change both physically and mentally.

Hannah Sunley-Paisley - Coach/Former Pro Baller/Fantasy Author


Hannah grew up in Toronto, and at the age of 18, left her hometown to play basketball for the University of Ottawa. She graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts and three All-Canadian awards to her name.  After university Paisley played one year of professional basketball in Germany. While there, she began her journey to becoming a personal trainer. In the fall of 2014, Hannah hung up her basketball shoes and went back to school. She spent a year at Algonquin College, started doing CrossFit, and became a personal trainer.    Not long after that, Hannah realized she wasn’t done with basketball and started training again. In the fall of 2016, she signed her second professional contract, this time in France. Basketball gave Hannah the freedom to follow one of her other passions, writing.   She is now a self-published author, and living in Ottawa full time, personal training, and working on the second instalment of the Lochlan Ellyll Series.

Katherine Micelli - Coach/Yoga Teacher/SuperMom


Katherine has been active her entire life starting at a young age enjoying soccer, track and field and swimming.  As she has gotten older and life has become more complicated (and more fun) with the addition of her son Jasper she has a new appreciation for the necessity of movement.  She believes in combining various modalities and movement practices to create a well-rounded and healthy lifestyle.  She can often be found running, swimming, practicing yoga or working out at the gym most days of the week.  She looks forward to travelling with you on your own wellness journey!

Shirin Chalabiani - Trainer/Yoga/ELDOA Specialist


I’m inspired by human expression and potential. I began my career in health and wellness over 15 years ago in an effort to ease my own restless nervous system. Since leaving the corporate world in pursuit of this meaning and substance, I have dedicated my learning to movement education. Starting my exploration in strength involved repetitive movement techniques often at a gym, but then I was able to fine-tune those movements through a deeper understanding of the connections between muscles, fascia, and joints. Through yoga I was able to layer on the controlled use of breath in the cultivation of a mind-body connection, while Thai massage added an appreciation of touch energy to my movement expertise, and when ELDOA®became a part of my repertoire I felt the pieces of the puzzle all falling into place. Training in a variety of movement disciplines, allows for a level of agility and personalization in my educational approach that helps me to create targeted space solutions for individual bodies. Cultivating a mindful practice has helped me feel more at ease in my body, mind, and spirit, and I look forward to helping you create the space you need to feel less stress and more balanced.


  • Personal Trainer (Strength & Weight Loss)
  • Mobility Specialist
  • Yoga Instructor
  • ELDOA Practitioner
  • Thai Massage Therapist
  • Life Coach