A Complicated Birth – LYB Helped Me Stay Strong

I reached out to Kate in July 2019 when I was five-months pregnant. I was beginning to notice the Tabata and Barre classes at the gym weren’t exactly feeling safe nor was I getting the sweat and preparedness I was hoping for with what the midwives called “the marathon of labour.”


I signed up and started one-on-one personal training with Lacey @laced-fitness. I saw the bootcamps happening with all the kids running around and it got me excited for how my life was about to change. Lacey trained me right up to week 40 and she was astonished by how wide my stance was on the squat front rack. 

As it turns out, I am forever grateful for my fitness and mental strength as I had a very complicated birth with my c-section and a long hospital admission. I remember as they wheeled me into the surgical suite they asked, “how are we going to transfer her?” and I said, “I’m strong! I’ll transfer myself!” 

Eight hours later, I met my beautiful boy. I had incredible care at Mt Sinai hospital and the Ottawa Midwifery Collective, blood donations, lots of love and support from my family and friends, good drugs, nursing care, lactation support, so many incredible things — and here we are. 

Introducing Lacey and Kate to our healthy baby boy was pure delight! I was back at the gym and on the assault bike five weeks after and — you won’t believe this — I was snowboarding ten weeks postpartum.

What Followed

Initially following the traumatic delivery, a few close friends encouraged me to seek counselling to debrief the event. The first time I saw Kate after becoming a mom, she noted how lucky I was and simply put it that I should see a psychologist right away. 

Normalizing and de-stigmatizing postpartum mental health is a huge part of this journey into motherhood. However it isn’t acknowledged very much in general. The balance exercise brings to my mental health is found with support from an amazing psychologist, awesome endorphins found within LYB 30-min workouts and coaching with Lacey.

Shout out to @bloomintegrativehealth @sarahtrottier and OCSI Dr. Rebecca Laginski (chiropractor).

Lacey @laced_fitness has kept me connected throughout this whole ordeal. Burpees you say? Bring it! 

My Progress

My progress initially was good, but at some point, I noticed holy $#*! I’m stronger than I have been in the past ten years! I’m coming up on a year postpartum now and I’m amazed by the dedication of Kate’s team. It’s great to see new faces joining (especially the pregnant mamas) and the devoted regulars showing up consistently. 

My goal is three workouts a week. My daily mood throughout this pandemic has remained positive and I’m so fortunate to have the support and strength to grow and watch our little one flourish. 

I hope to have another baby one day and I truly believe that LYB fitness will help get me there.

Blog by Jen Purkiss, LYB Bootcamper, Ottawa

Jen is also a nurse, lover of all sports, especially soccer and snowboarding. She has run 10 k and 1/2 marathon races.

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