Full body fitness designed for moms!

Safe for Pregnancy/Post Partum

We specialize in Pre/Post natal fitness and will educate you on the best way to keep your body safe while you train.  We are highly educated in dealing with Diastasis Rectis as well as Pelvic Floor issues.

Efficient Full Body Workout

Moms are busy, we need our workouts to be the most bang for buck.  That's why we focus on full body  FUNCTIONAL movements and HIIT training.  Scientifically proven to provide the BEST results in shorter periods of time.

Bring Babies, Toddlers, Kids of ALL AGES

Yes!  You can bring all your kids (even those big kids we call Dads).  Babies are welcome to hang in seats, lay on blankets, or ride on Mom (a great way to ADD to your workout).  Toddlers and Children are welcome to explore, play, snack.  Please note that running and making noise is expected and welcome!  We don't expect the kids to sit quietly.  This is a great way to get some activity and exercise for the whole family!

Diastasis Recti & Pelvic Floor Issues

We will assess you and help you determine if you need to go for Physio.  We work closely with the team at Bloom Integrative Health, and happily refer our clients over whenever we feel it's necessary.  We believe it is extremely important to keep moms fit and strong, doing all the things they love rather than having them stop physical activity.  Since moms are always on the go carrying carseats and children it's pretty important to keep them strong enough to do all the things they already do safely.  We empower moms be teaching them how to safely progress their exercises so that they can safely go into any class and know how to care for their bodies.  

What Is Functional Fitness

Functional Fitness means we focus on movements that our bodies already do in real life.  We move the way we were made to move.  This prepares our bodies to be strong and prepared for all that life might throw at it!  Reduces your chance of long term injury and will enhance your performance in most sports.  Examples of functional movements: squats, lunges, deadlift, pull-up and pushup.  

What's the Commitment?

While we do have drop-in options we encourage our clients to commit to either twice a week or unlimited.  We love to see  our clients reach and exceed their goals, this comes when you commit to your fitness!


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