Are you heading out for a run?

This Pre-Run Dynamic Warm Up will get you feeling warm, strong, and ready to go!

In this video Coach David is going to take us through this quick and efficient warm up.

The first movement is Mini-Band Marches – This will warm up your hip flexors and core. Place the mini-band around your feet. Stand tall, brace your core and drive one knee up pulling the Mini-band up while your other foot is pushing down towards the floor. Alternate legs and keep your balance while marching in your spot. To replicate the running motion when you lift your right knee you’re going to swing your left arm forward and vice versa.

The second movement is Monster Walks with a Mini-band. This will help you get your glute med warmed up and engaged. Start by placing a Mini-band around your ankles and bring your feet wide enough to create tension on the band. Keeping your knees aligned with your toes and your core engaged, start taking small steps forward/backwards while you keeping your feet the same distance apart to maintain tension on the mini-band

Last we have a Single Leg Sprinter at the Wall. This is to warm up your glutes and calves. Place your hands on the wall about shoulder width apart and take a couple steps back from the wall with your feet. Drive one knee up towards the wall while the opposite leg is pushing down towards the floor through the balls of your foot and toes.