Meet Virtual Gym Manager Stuti – Her fitness journey!

Hello LYB community, my name is Stuti! I am so excited to be joining the LYB team as a Virtual Gym Manager/Client Support Person. I cannot wait to get to know the wonderful LYB community in the coming days. If you would like to learn more about my fitness, yoga, and dance journey, then please keep reading!

My mantra: I believe that no matter what you do in life, don’t just be determined – be persistent as well. I also believe that the universe grants your wishes only when it sees you working hard towards your goal persistently.

My story: In the past ten years, fitness, dance, and yoga have helped me overcome disorders like obesity, PCOD, and depression. I was body-shamed and bullied in my teenage years. The bullying resulted in mental health issues like depression and anxiety. Also, my gynecologist recommended two surgeries when I was only 18 years old. That was the time when I realized that making lifestyle changes was imperative. I incorporated fitness, yoga, and a plant-based diet into my life. When most forms of medicine (homeopathy, Ayurveda, allopathy, and naturopathy) failed to cure my disorder and surgery was the only option, fitness and yoga became my guiding angels.

I was pursuing an Indian classical dance form called Bharatanatyam since childhood; due to weight issues, I could not be successful in that genre of art. However, my passion for dance kept me motivated to work hard on my overall fitness. Fitness has not only helped me evolve out of my past medical disorders, but it has also helped me reconnect with dance. Presently, I am a proud soloist, extensively trained in Bharatanatyam, all thanks to the magical and transformative world of fitness and yoga. Currently, I am pursuing Yoga Teachers Training (YTT200hrs) to have an in-depth knowledge of this ancient art of wellness and pass it down to people who can benefit from it, just like how I did.

I have been an LYB client for a year now, these virtual fitness sessions have helped me get stronger, healthier, and self-confident over time. Therefore, I would encourage busy moms and individuals to use these virtual and in-person training sessions and benefit from them as I did. I am more than happy to help, motivate and cheer you throughout your fitness journey.