Meet Stephanie Dadzie: A New Addition to the LYB Team!

Stephanie, welcome to the LYB team! Let’s start with a few questions.

How did you start your fitness journey?

I have always been active since a very young age. I played 3 sports in High School at varsity level. Movement has always come naturally to me and brought me so much joy.

Why do you love being a part of LYB?

I LOVE the LYB community!

The first time I walked into the gym, everyone was so welcoming and greeted me with smiles and a friendly and positive attitude towards training.

The coaches make it an effort to aid the LYB members and community in achieving their goals in a sustainable way, encouraging growth and wellness.

What is your favourite style of fitness?


I love how widely varied the movements are from Olympic lifting to gymnastics, how it challenges my body and mind, how adaptable the movements are and how it challenges me to take care of my body through mobility and nutrition in order to progress well in the movements.

Best advice for new members?

Stay consistent, take it a day at a time! The movements or just moving in general might seem strange at first but little by little, with every movement, every session and every step, you will get better! Remember the saying “Little drops of water make a MIGHTY ocean”! Be accountable, set realistic goals and ENJOY THE PROCESS!

If you’d like to work with Stephanie or any other member of our team, contact us here for a free consult.