Meet Stéphanie Héroux-Gauthier: A New Addition to the LYB Team!

Stéphanie, welcome to the LYB team! Let’s start with a few questions.

How did your fitness journey begin?
I started movement in my ex’s basement apartment, I thought it was way less intimidating than the gym. After breaking up I had nowhere to go and decided to be brave and step inside a gym. I started doing group fitness classes and fell in love with the community aspect and the synergy of working out as a group. I’ve never looked back since.

Why do you love being a part of LYB?
 I love the people from LYB, the members, the coaches, all wonderful people with kind hearts.

What’s your favourite style of fitness?
Favourite style of fitness is group classes, whatever it is as long as we are in this together I’m in!

Any advice for new clients/new moms?
The key to consistency is having fun with friends. Keep moving at the rhythm of your own drum. Remember to make friends along the way, it’s those connections that keeps you accountable and makes the memories all worth it!