Meet Jonathan Kustka-Tsimbidis: A New Addition to the LYB Team!

Jonathan, welcome to the LYB team! Let’s start with a few questions.

How did your fitness journey begin?
My fitness journey began when my brother started training and asked me if I wanted to check out this local CrossFit gym. We instantly fell in love with training and I spent the next 5+ years going 5-6 days a week. I was always a very skinny kid and this was a way for me to gain more confidence in my body and learn all kinds of fun skills. Since then I have focused mostly on strength training and building the strongest version of myself possible.

Why do you love being a part of LYBF?
I have always loved the community aspect of fitness. Although I am still very new to this particular community I look forward to sharing my passion and knowledge for fitness with others who  share my interest.

Any advice for new clients?
Be patient. Be kind to yourself. Enjoy the process. Everyone starts somewhere and fitness is not a battle against others, it is a battle against who you are versus who you want to become! Fall in love with the process of improvement and seek to better yourself each and every day. Do that and your goals will happen on their own.