Meet Coach Jenn: A brand new addition to the LYB team!

Coach Jenn: We would love to know a little bit about your family.

I am originally from St. Catharines, but I have called Ottawa home for the last 16 years. I have been a teacher in some capacity for most of my adult life.  While in Japan, I taught ESL for 5 years and moved to Ottawa to pursue my teaching career. I wear many different hats; I am a professor at the Faculty of Education at the University of Ottawa where I teach integrated Health & Physical Education courses, I teach group fitness for Goodlife and I’m a mom to two young children and just celebrated my 10-year wedding anniversary.

Secret Crush: Jason Momoa…and my husband calls him ‘my boyfriend’ 😊


How did you get into fitness?

I’ve always been fairly active since a young age and have always enjoyed working out. When I started studying here at The University of Ottawa, I started to learn more about physical fitness and the importance of exercising. I think that really sparked a passion for me to take my fitness training to the next level and to start sharing my passion with others.

I have always had a passion for group fitness and exercise. A gym membership was my main Christmas present request for my entire adolescence 😊 I became a fitness instructor in 2011 because I love the energy and motivation that is created in group fitness, and I carry that into my teacher education courses to inspire teachers to model an active and healthy lifestyle for their young students.


What are your fitness goals these days?

I would like to continue my fitness journey and stay strong to keep up with my energetic children. Living an active and healthy lifestyle is something I strive to model for my teacher candidates and children. 


What does fitness mean to you?

EVERYTHING!! I truly believe that is the best medicine and secret to life-long happiness 😊


Tell us about your favorite food?

I love oysters, Asian fusion, and anything with peanut butter as an ingredient 😊


Coach Jenn, tell us what do you love about yourself?

Although challenging at times, I love juggling it all and leading a fulfilled life. There is never a dull moment😊


What do you love about LYB?

The incredible supportive atmosphere, stellar programming, and inspiring trainers. Kate is a legend in Westboro, and I am thrilled to be working with her and her awesome team.

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