Meet Coach Allison: A brand new addition to the LYB team!

Coach Allison, how did you start your fitness journey?

Years ago I started my fitness journey at a commercial gym doing mostly body-building training. I knew I wanted to be a trainer but I needed to gain more knowledge. I applied to the fitness and health promotion program at Algonquin College. Then the pandemic hit and I created an account on Instagram where I posted home workouts for friends and family.

I joined a CrossFit gym 2 years ago and started becoming serious about lifting and began to understand the importance of functional fitness through getting my Level 1 CrossFit Certification.

Why do you love being a part of LYB?

I love LYB because of the empowerment it brings to women! LYB makes everyone feel comfortable and accepted while still kicking your butt in the daily workouts!

What is your favourite style of fitness?

My favourite style of fitness is high-intensity functional movement. I love combining strength training with cardio because it pushes my body to its limit while prioritizing movements like the squat and deadlift that are important for everyday life. My favourite thing about being a trainer is helping clients realize their strengths, and gain more confidence through movement. The best aspect of coaching group classes is bringing people together to work hard and have fun!

Coach Allision, what is your best advice for new members?

My best advice for new people getting started is to simply just show up. Take one step at a time. Prioritize getting to the group class or training session and take it from there


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