LYB Core Values!

As I approach my 40th birthday (March 2021), I’m reflecting on how happy I am to finally be living in a world that reflects my CORE VALUES.

I’ve been in this industry for 17 years. I’ve learned so much from my clients and what’s important to them.

The places I’ve worked have taught me all about creating the best vibes and building the best team. I’ve worked for places that taught me all about why this is such a hard industry to work in and why most trainers last an average of 18 months (not even enough time to get good at their jobs!).

Now that I finally have my own space I am finding constant joy in building my core values into LYB. Watching how that impacts our coaches/staff and our clients is a wonderful thing. I wanted to share those with you today as well as why they are so important to me.


Core Value #1 – Inclusivity!

What it means: No matter your body shape, who you love or look like – you belong here!

All body types/shapes/sizes, races, sexualities are treated with respect. Pronouns are used correctly and inclusively. Pre/postpartum women’s needs are met with sensitivity.

Although we are a women’s focused facility we want men and people of all genders to feel welcome also.

Our whole team goes out of their way to make sure every client feels welcome, cared for, and accommodated. We are open to feedback from clients on how we can make them feel more welcome and included. We make the effort to use gender and sexuality-neutral languaging. As someone who hasn’t always fit in and as a mother to children who are not “straight”, inclusivity is beyond important to me!


Core Value #2 – Consistent High Standards

What it means to LYB: all trainers are able to deliver a high standard of care to clients.

Trainers are knowledgeable about working around injuries, training high-level athletes down to beginners. All levels of athletes feel safe and challenged. Our coaches seek input from me on any client’s issues that they don’t know how to handle.

I hire the best of the best – what makes them so good?

Experience and certifications are great, but ATTITUDE is what really makes the best trainer!

Our trainers are humble, with no ego. They are happily on a constant learning journey. Learning more about their own bodies and fitness as well as new tools to help their clients achieve their goals! I bring in experts to grow my already sensational trainers into being even better! We all share the attitude that when you stop growing and learning and become stagnant things get boring and ineffective quickly. So, we just keep striving for more!


Core Value #3 – Happy Engaged Team

I have been in this industry a LONG time and let me tell you – trainers get abused and taken advantage of in most jobs!

They are expected to work 6-7 days a week, with long split shifts. They only get paid while with clients but are expected to do lots of other work that they don’t get paid for. Lots of trainers struggle to get paid by the gyms they work for and are working for a very low hourly rate while paying for expensive certifications and having no time to socialize. No wonder the average lifespan of a trainer is 18 months!

At LYB our trainers are well paid.

Paid for all hours worked, and encouraged to keep a good work/life balance. Once we have the coaches’ schedule filled up we start to tidy it up so that they have time off and their days aren’t too long. We set up the trainers to cover each other’s holidays so that they can all take time off.

Trainers tend to work back-to-back hours and have little time for eating/drinking/going to the bathroom. Our staff room is stocked with easy snacks, Equator coffee, tea, and a great couch for taking power naps in front of our little fireplace! We allow coaches to bring their dogs to work. We do this because the worst part of leaving your house for the day to go to work is saying goodbye to your furry best friend. Our coaches’ partners receive a free membership and we love seeing the coaches’ families in the gym! The last thing we want is a burnt-out staff who feel abused, trainers working with no days off, 6 am to 9 pm shifts, feeling like they have to work for free.

At the end of the day, I want LYB to be the BEST PLACE to work!

That is how I will get THE BEST in our industry and KEEP them. When my team is happy, they will offer the BEST service to our clients and our clients will be happy too!


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