In conversation with Coach Lacey Thompson

Who is your secret crush?
Lacey – My not-so-secret crush is CrossFit!

We would love to know a little bit about your family.
Lacey – My mom is an aerobics instructor and I grew up in the fitness world, loving the realms of health and fitness. 

What is your favorite food that you like to treat yourself with?
Lacey – Kate’s famous homemade paleo chicken fingers and anything made out of potatoes!

How much do you lift?
Lacey – 1 rep max back squat is 215.

Tell us about the LYB community?
Lacey – I’ve loved watching our crew get fitter and stronger through the pandemic! 

What is the one thing you want our Bootcampers to know? 
Lacey – It’s time to buy heavier weights! You ladies (and men) are stronger than you think you are!