In conversation with Coach Kate Laird

Who is your secret crush?
Coach Kate – Sean McCann is the love of my life, and his only real competition is Brad Pitt who I’ve loved ever since legends of the fall in grade 5!

We would love to know a little bit about your family.
Coach Kate – We have a hilarious mix of people in our home! Sean and I each have two children, Sean has a trans daughter – who is also a famous drag queen – watch for her on Canada’s drag race the minute she’s old enough – and a son who goes to Canterbury – a very talented artist!
I have 2 daughters, my 11-year-old is more mature and responsible than I am and avoids sleep at all costs. My little 9 years old can’t sit still and can’t wait to have babies!!! When we go out together as a group we are a colourful bunch 🌈.

What is your favourite food that you like to treat yourself with?
Coach Kate – My favourite treat is homemade paleo waffles with maple syrup – I eat that every Sunday and some Saturdays. I also really like any cake with icing but don’t eat it often because sugar makes me tired!

How much do you lift?
Coach Kate – My 1 rep max (RM) back squat is 205 – but I got 2 reps at that weight once, then failed 1 rep at 210, so 205 is my 1 RM and my 2 RM!

Tell us about the LYB community?
Coach Kate – I LOVE my coaches! I am just so proud of my amazing team -including Josee who I couldn’t survive without! I LOVE our clients!!! We have the most special community and SO proud that it’s grown stronger and bigger through the pandemic!

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