In conversation with Coach Amy Robinson

Coach Amy, who is your secret crush?

Amy – I don’t have one – hard to believe, I know. Any crushes I’ve had are real-life people who I tell how I feel.

We would love to know a little bit about your family.

Amy –I am a daddy’s girl. My dad and I are the same people – we are super passionate people who live life to the fullest. My paternal grandma and grandpa are my angels. Their love for each other is inspiring and I aspire to live the way they do – they prioritize spending time with the people who matter to them and do what they want when they want to (within reason). For example, my grandpa got his pilot license and flew planes recreationally for years and they recently switched to a boat docked in a place they had always wanted to learn more about. Outside of blood relatives, my friends are family to me. I pride myself on the connections I have fostered throughout my life

What is your favourite food that you like to treat yourself with?

Amy – While proper nourishment is very important to me, I do enjoy indulging… I love treating myself to a nice meal out at the end of the week. Some of my favourite spots in Ottawa are the Wellington Gastropub, Farinella’s, Supply and Demand, Pure, EVOO, sushi, Cabottos, and Joeys. For a movie night in, I am a sucker for plain ruffles chips and Helluva good dip (if the mood strikes, I may even trade Helluva good for herb and garlic cream cheese). If I’m stopping for a quick bite, Kettleman’s or Mad Radish are great options. I also love tapas because you can taste so many delicious bites in one sitting – Tango Nuevo is a Brazilian tapas restaurant in Kingston that I frequent when I am in the area. Not sure if you can tell, but I LOVE food. One of the many reasons I love food is because of who I get to share it with. Getting together with friends and family over a nice meal warms my heart.

How much do you lift?

Amy – I am by no means an award-winning Olympic weightlifter, but I do enjoy lifting heavy. My latest 1 RM back squat was 165 lbs. My next benchmark goal for back squats is 200 pounds. Better get lifting more consistently!

Coach Amy, What do you love about yourself?

Amy – That’s a hard question! If I had to name one thing that I love about me, it would be my joie de vivre. I have been told that my love for life is contagious. I don’t like feeling negative emotions, so I choose to be happy. From singing and dancing to doing random acts of kindness to trip planning, I love finding opportunities to enjoy life – YOLO!

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