Huge Announcement on New Gym!

Let me start by telling you that my new gym on Richmond road will be open within 2 weeks! I am so excited to be opening my doors in my favorite ‘hood!

However – I am not opening over at 98 Richmond Road as originally planned – that space, unfortunately, did not work out. Instead, I am opening at 332 Richmond Road in the beautiful space that was once Kardish and more recently was a lovely little grocery store called Noor.

After a series of unfortunate events over at 98 Richmond, it became clear that for many reasons it wasn’t going to be the right home for LYB. Although the people in the condos welcomed me and couldn’t wait to run downstairs for their workouts, and the neighboring businesses were beyond lovely, there were a bunch of large setbacks and obvious issues that would present future challenges and I made the hard decision to pull out. It was a tough choice as I had already invested a significant amount of money into the space, but it became clear that it was going to be more costly to stay so I cut my losses and made a new plan.

First I was lucky enough to come across a wonderful little gym that was sadly closing its doors up in Carlington, which has given us a temporary home.

Then I got really lucky and noticed a post in a local Facebook group about a business closing and immediately got in touch with the listing agent. This space is better in all ways for our needs, including an upstairs space for offices and a staff lounge, better floor space, a backroom for showers, bathrooms, and a kid zone and it’s on a much better part of Richmond Road! I’m thrilled to be so close to some of my favorite spots like Lululemon, Equator coffee, Pure, Shop Tallow, Gazellig, Kitchenalia… and so many more – this is my favorite part of Westboro and I get to be right in the middle of it!

I can’t believe that in just a few weeks I’ll have my team altogether finally (after working remotely for SO long), that I’ll finally be with all my clients! Stay tuned for updates!!!