The Best Personal Trainers In Ottawa Discovered: A City-Wide Search

A team of elite investigators did a city-wide sweep to find the best personal trainers in Ottawa. They went to every studio and every online class. They left no rock unturned and no Instagram feed un-scrolled.

This task force ranked coaches on the key areas of:

  • Professional Training: CrossFit, Yoga, Tune up, weight training, functional fitness, etc.
  • Knowledge: women’s health, pelvic-floor, injury, strength training, distance running, etc.
  • Experience: professional experience, fitness competitions, life.
  • Heart: they have to care, have empathy and have that fire inside that is contagious.
  • Awesomeness: need we say more?

There were extra points for musical taste, beautiful facilities and best vibe from the membership (are they friendly, warm, inspiring, kind).

The results are in.

We are surprised — but not surprised — to find that the best personal trainers in Ottawa all work for Love Your Body Fitness!

When you are the best like Kate, you attract the best team and when you have the experience to create the best programs for your clients’ specific needs, you can guide your team of coaches to execute personalized programs and get results.

Let’s meet the top-performing personal trainers in Ottawa:



Owner/Crossfit Level 2 Certification/Supermom

Kate understands what it’s like to be busy. She is a single mom, runs her own business and continues to prioritize her fitness.

She loves to have her butt kicked when she is not kicking someone else’s!

Kate has been in the fitness and yoga industry in Westboro for over 16 years. Her certifications over the years have included CrossFit Level 2, Personal Training, Group Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness, Resist-A-Ball, Aquafit, Power Yoga, Tune Up and more.

She is experienced in working with all levels of ability, from high-end athletes, endurance athletes, seniors – you name it – with a special appreciation for prenatal and postnatal fitness.

Regardless of your goals (be that weight loss, increased energy, increased strength, anything) her philosophies, methods and positivity will help you achieve them.



Personal Trainer/Crossfit Level 1 Certification/Yoga/Competitive Athlete/Supastar

Along with being a graduate with a Health and Fitness diploma, Lacey is a certified personal trainer, functional training specialist, strength and conditioning coach, 200-hour certified yoga teacher and a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer. Lacey’s programming is so varied, challenging and fun- I promise, you’ll never be bored!  She is also a serious competitive Crossfitter and was about to compete in the Atlas Games when the world shut down for Covid last March!



Personal Trainer/Crossfit Level 2 Certification/Former Pro-Basketball Player/Fantasy Author

Hannah is a Level 2 CrossFit Certified coach. She was a professional basketball player in Germany and France for 5 years and the author of three novels. Hannah is a fan-favourite of our membership. She keeps her classes moving with lots of variety and everyone loves her musical throwback selection!



Coach/Yoga Instructor/Supermom

Katherine is a movement specialist, yoga instructor and a mom of a little one with another on the way. She understands busy mom life. She practices what she preaches and knows that staying active helps her be the best mom she can be. Her clients love her mix of strength and mobility and her gentle energy. Don’t let this girl surprise you – her classes are sneaky hard!



Holistic Nutritionist/Personal Trainer/Yoga Instructor/Supastar

Isabel is a holistic nutritionist, personal trainer and 200-hour yoga teacher.Her psychology background helps her to better understand roadblocks to client success, which can then be addressed and overcome.Isabel has that magnetic personality where you can tell she wants to be her best and it makes you want to be your best, too.



Personal Trainer/Crossfit Level 1 Certification/Holistic Nutrition Enthusiast/Supastar

Amy is a CrossFit Level 1 Certified Coach and working towards becoming a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach (CTNC). She teaches clients how to increase their healthspan through nutrition, functional movement, sleep hygiene and stress management. Supporting people through their wellness journeys is a true passion for Amy.



Personal Trainer/Supermom

Former fitness competitor and orthotherapist, MP is a Certified Personal Training Specialist, Mommy and avid CrossFitter. In 2011, she placed first place in the Fitness Category with Fitness Star International (FSI) in Montreal. In 2012, she placed second in the Fitness Category with International Drug Free Athletics (IDFA) in Toronto. MP wants to share her passion for fitness, help others through their fitness journeys and turn doubts into reps.



Coach/Yoga Instructor/Supastar

Rudie is a movement teacher with a background in yoga, strength, and mobility. She enjoys the versatility of different movement types and blending them together to create functional, effective, accessible practices. Rudie is our go-to for tune up and mobility support. 


At LYB, You Train with our Team of Coaches

When you sign up for personal training and group fitness classes with LYB, you get to train with all of our coaches. By working with multiple coaches, you learn from each of them. You enjoy more variety in your workouts, learning different styles and being challenged by each of them. It’s also important not to grow dependent on one person for your fitness inspiration. We help you find your own inspiration to continue to move towards a healthier, happier you.

This blog post was written by Ronia Soroka, LYB Operations Manager

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