Fitness Time as Family Time: A Paradigm Shift

The new normal.

We hear this every day.

But what’s normal?

Our perception of what is normal is what we are used to.

Some things are “normal” that should not be normal. As women, we know this too well.

When it comes to fitness, in particular, our society has its own set of “normals” that dictate our expectations around how we exercise.

For most people, for instance, their perception of a workout is in a gym. We expect equipment and machines. We expect lots of people around. There are lockers, and showers, and a line to use the bathroom and people in various stages of undress.

Most people think that workout is a solo affair. You work out alone. Quite possibly, it’s a great place to go to escape the kids for an hour.

But now normal has been turned on its head.

With the explosion of Covid into our lives, achieving those old norms around fitness is likely unachievable. Even if the stars aline and Public Health allows the gyms to be open, will there be room for you at the gym when you are available (due to caps on numbers of people at the gym)? Do you feel comfortable having someone watch your kids during a pandemic, and if you are, are they available when you need them to be? Is everyone in your household symptom-free? There are so many obstacles!

So where does that leave us? No norms, no fitness? No more sweaty, challenging workouts?

That’s like saying “When I bathe, I only take showers – no baths!” But reality turned on its head and now all the showers are gone. No more showers! Only baths are available. Are you going to quit bathing altogether? You gotta bathe! And we gotta exercise, too.

Time for a new normal around our fitness expectations.

The new normal is workout no matter what. No matter what. No. Matter. What.

No gym? Home gym!

Someone at home is sick? Home gym.

Kids are all around? Make it a family workout!

Yes! Fitness time is family time! The ultimate paradigm shift!

At LYB, we have been introducing this paradigm shift for years! We work with moms, and moms are all strapped for time. Why separate gym time from the family time when turning fitness time into family bonding time is win, win, win!

We have encouraged our Mommy Bootcampers to work out with their kids, holding their kids and wearing their kids.

The kids love it. Physical play and touch with mom is brain candy for them.

The moms love it because they are getting in their fitness that wouldn’t happen otherwise. And holding those growing babies and toddlers makes for great resistance and weight training!

Is it exactly what we want? It may not be. But that’s life. We have to make it work.

On the best of days, working out with the kids goes smoothly; it’s energizing for everyone and we all have fun. But what about those workouts when the kids are not cooperating, they are being a huge distraction, and they are making Code Browns in 24 micro-installments and know how to take off their diapers and the dog has been let out of the house and “why do I smell smoke??” because your kid is experimenting in the kitchen — on those days, just know that you are being the best parent to your kids by role modeling making fitness part of your life. By showing your kids that you take time for fitness, you are modeling for them healthy habits that they will have forever.

You are your kids’ everything. Do it with them because it’s important for them.

But like all good things in life, it’s more fun together!

It’s so much more fun for us, as moms when there are other adults. We need support. We need community.

That’s how the LYB Mommy Bootcamps came to be! It’s hard to be with our kids all day on our own. Let’s get together, work out together, inspire each other, make each other laugh, and be those amazing role models to our kids, each other, and ourselves.

At LYB, we have perfected how to get that community support virtually. We have 21 live, online virtual classes a week. No one feels alone! There is always a live class, a coach, and the LYB Mommy Bootcamper community to cheer you on!

Blog by Coach Kate Laird.