Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions, answered.

General Questions

I feel like I don’t have enough time to workout.

Here’s the thing – you do have time to workout!  Our workouts are short and effective.  Our online classes are 30 minutes and our in-gym classes are 45 minutes.  Our personal training sessions can take place in the gym, at your house, or virtually.  We can help you book it into your schedule and stay committed to your goals.

I haven’t worked out in a while and I am a little nervous… what level are your classes?

Our classes are catered to all levels of fitness. Whether you are new to fitness or an experienced athlete these classes can be done by all levels and achieve a great workout no matter who you are!

I was recently pregnant and am wanting to return to exercising. How can I ensure I’m ready and not going to injure myself?

This is our area of expertise!  We love to support postpartum folks in returning to exercise.  There can be a lot of fear around what you can or can’t do after being pregnant but we have the certifications and resources to guide you.  We will help you modify the classes and slowly build back your core and pelvic core strength.  We also work closely with your pelvic floor physiotherapist (or can recommend one if needed).

Is your gym for moms only?

Everyone is welcome at LYB!  We do have 7 Family Bootcamps on the schedule every week where children of all ages are welcome to attend (you are welcome to come without children too!).  We modify the classes to ensure we keep the kiddos safe.  All the other classes on our schedule are kid-free.

I have health and fitness goals but I am not sure how to start… can I talk to someone first?

We offer free fitness consults to everyone interested in joining. This is our opportunity to get to know you, your goals and your stumbling blocks so that we can recommend the best programs and packages based on your needs and budget

Can I try a class before committing?

Absolutely! We currently have a trial offer that is $45 for Two Weeks of Unlimited access to our classes that take place in the gym as well as our online platform.

Do you have Open Gym?

We either offer personal training or group fitness classes.  These are the most fun and effective ways to reach your goals!


What is included in a membership?

We have so many membership options to suit the varying needs of our clients!

I am looking for membership prices. How much does it cost to join?

There is no sign-up fee, and membership prices vary depending on your commitment period and how many times a week you want to attend. Please contact

Do I have to have a membership to attend classes?

You can attend classes either with a membership, purchase individual sessions or session packages.


If I miss an online class can I do it later?

We have over 15 Live Online Classes that take place every week.  They include Bootcamp, Mobility, and Yoga classes.  If you’re unable to make the live classes though we do offer the recordings for 2 weeks after the live class takes place!

How much are your Personal Training and Group Fitness Memberships?

Depending on your contract length and the frequency you’d like to change our contracts vary in price.  Often the best place to start is with a Free Fitness Consult so we can discuss your goals and get you set up with the membership that will best suit your needs!  

We have Trials for both our Group Fitness and Personal Training:
Group Fitness – 2 Weeks of Unlimited Classes for $45
Personal Training – 5 Personal Training Sessions for $450

Send us an email at to book your free consult and get started!


Does your gym have showers and lockers?

Our gym has 2 bathrooms, one with a full shower. You must bring your own towel and be mindful of others waiting to use the shower. Lockers are available as well, however you must bring your own lock and we have a place for your coats and bags.

What is your policy on children? Can I bring my kid when I workout?

Children are more than welcome at our gym for classes or personal training! All kids must be kept under control and be aware of the risks to children if they come to our strength and conditioning or athletic conditioning classes. We have mommy bootcamps available with toddler safe programming if you have a little one who loves to explore!


What different class styles do you offer?

We have Athletic Conditioning, Strength and Conditioning, Barbell Basics, Olympic Lifting, and Family Bootcamps available in the gym. We offer Online Bootcamps, Online Yoga and Online Mobility classes through our online platform.

These are all included in our Group Fitness Memberships.

In addition we are often running specialized workshops so you can work towards improving specific skills.

I haven’t worked out in a while and I am a little nervous… what level are your classes?

Our classes are catered to all levels of fitness. Whether you are new to fitness or experienced athletes these classes can be done by all levels and achieve a great workout no matter who you are!

Is the Family Bootcamp only for moms?

The mommy bootcamp is for everyone and anyone who wants a great workout! We title it mommy bootcamp because it is toddler and baby-friendly so little ones can explore the gym safely without risky overhead lifts or kettlebell swings. But don’t let those adjustments fool you – it’s still a great workout!

Personal Training

What kind of personal training do you have/who is it for?

We offer 1-on-1 or partner training that can cater to any level of fitness and a variety of goals. We have an incredible group of talented trainers with diverse qualifications and expertise so whether you are recovering from an injury, or an elite athlete training for a specific goal we have a trainer for you! During your consult we will assess your skill level, goals and personality, then pair you with the coach who is the best fit based on your individual needs and your schedule.

I want to do personal training with a friend or a family member - do you do partner training?

We absolutely offer partner training for anyone who is looking to workout in pairs!

How much does a personal training session cost?

Our memberships vary in pricing depending on how often you’d like to train and the length of your contract.  In addition to memberships you can also purchase packages of sessions to be used at whatever frequency you prefer.  

The best place to start is with a Free Fitness Consult by emailing so we can talk about your goals and budget to decide what would be the best fit for you!


What kinds of Corporate Fitness offerings to do you have?

We can cater a Corporate Wellness Offering depending on the needs and desires of your staff.

Some of the options include:
–  Weekly in-person or virtual Bootcamp Style Classes
–  Weekly in-person or virtual Yoga or Mobility Sessions
–  Monthly talks on various wellness topics such as nutrition, strength training, and stress management
–  Corporate wellness challenges that can last either 1 week or months depending on your goals

The best place to start is with a Free Consult.  Email to schedule your call today!

It is time to take care of YOU!