Employee Fitness – The Best ROI

For many years I have had corporate clients where the boss/owner hires me/my team to run various classes and programs for their staff.. I absolutely LOVE our corporate clients – they are a blast to teach!

Why I love teaching corporates  

Number one – they are so happy to see us for their midday workout – we are the most exciting part of their day! We frequently hear from our clients that their days fly by when they have a class with us, they avoid the afternoon energy crash and they build stronger relationships and unity with their colleagues. They even tell us things like “I have a headache and was going to call in sick but then I remembered that we had class today so I turned up!” Hearing that we make such a big impact makes us trainers feel amazing!!!  

We also love the diversity in the groups that we teach. Corporate groups will have the biggest range in age/fitness level/goals, etc, and it’s a blast to program and teach classes that can be regressed/progressed to meet the various levels in the class. It’s so rewarding to see everyone smiling and sweating together!

I tell every employer that brings us on that they are so smart and will receive a huge ROI from this investment in their staff.  

How does an employee fitness benefit a company or corporation?


Fit people just get more done! Period! Lunchtime workouts are the best way to avoid the afternoon energy slump where productivity seriously drops!

Reduced absenteeism 

Many will not skip work in order to not skip a workout. Also, fit/healthy people will have fewer health issues and need fewer sick days. On top of that, you dramatically lower the risk of people needing longer-term sick leave

Stress reduction

Exercise is the number one way to reduce stress, and stress is one of the leading causes of absenteeism, illness and people switching jobs. Reducing employee stress will not only keep your team happy and healthy but will make them even more committed to their jobs and less likely to seek employment somewhere else!

Decrease healthcare costs

See all points above: fitness = healthier people = less cost on your health benefits program

Increase brain power

Workouts produce certain chemicals in your brain required for problem-solving, multitasking and memory

Happier and better-rested employees

Exercise will lead to better sleep, again adding to brain function and productivity

Employee Retention

So many jobs make it difficult to maintain health and fitness, especially for busy professionals who have children. When you make it easy for employees to stay fit, healthy and happy at work they are so much less likely to leave their job. Quality of life is invaluable to most people!

Team unity

Employee fitness or mployees who workout together will build stronger relationships, work better as a team and those relationships will create more loyalty amongst employees

Let me tell you about a few of our corporate groups that we see and why they love it:


Group #1: Busy law firm

This group has been with us for 6+ years. It’s a small firm and classes will be attended by 2-7 employees depending on who’s due in court. They do 2 classes per week (plus the owner does a personal training session weekly. This group is SO rewarding to work with. They work SO MUCH and really struggle to make time for their own health and fitness.

In the time we’ve been with them we have seen 1 employee get real serious about her health/fitness – she lost about 50 lbs and started exercising most days, she’s also followed some of our guidance and changed her diet. Her entire lifestyle and life trajectory is very different now from where it was when we met her.

Another client in this group suffers from a health condition that makes her very prone to injuries and dramatically affects her balance/mobility and ability to perform activities of daily life. Through her consistency and hard work she is significantly more functional and stable than she was a few years ago – she’s started her family over the last 4 years so this is extra important so that she can carry her babies around and play with her little boys! While these 2 really stand out in terms of using their corporate fitness program to completely change their lifestyle and what they were capable of, all of the others have made some positive changes as well! I can’t wait to see where this crew is after 10+ years of consistency!


Group #2: Large Corporation

Also a long-term client, this crew has been doing 1 weekly boot camp and 1 weekly yoga class for at least the last 6 years. It all started as a spring/summer/fall thing. We would meet outdoors in a field close to their office. I LOVE working with this group; there’s a huge range of fitness levels and goals from serious weekend warrior athletes who compete at various endurance sports to serious desk sitters who struggle to make time to move enough.

I have always really loved putting together workouts that are really scalable. I want to destroy the really fit ones who love to die in their workouts while caring for and accommodating anyone with a lower fitness level, injury or health issue.

Eventually, the crew was so addicted, we found a board room to continue in through the winters, and then the pandemic hit! We didn’t miss a beat, haven’t missed a class, went online the same week the world shut down and have felt connected and fit through the entire pandemic! Through the “working from home” stage,  these classes have been amazing at keeping everyone moving and healthy while keeping the feeling of connection and community!

Not all of our corporate clients are long-term like these guys, we have many that will do a little series here and there for their staff, we’ve done everything from boot camp, mobility sessions, yoga and learning to run programs. Since we offer one off’s as well we are also really happy to do the occasional team-building session with them as well!  

If you are interested in giving your team the gift of fitness/wellness – let’s set up a time to chat! We offer corporate membership to our in gym or online program and we can create tailored programs just for you!

Ready to take your employee fitness to a new level?

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