Crushing Your Goals – The LYB Secret to Success

10 Reasons to Join a Crushing Your Goals Call!

Your schedule is packed and you’re short for time.  

You see these “Crushing Your Goals” calls on the schedule but decide that you don’t have time for a workout and the call.

Weeks or months go by and you’re still hitting the same obstacles when it comes to achieving your goals.  You’re not seeing the progress you’d like, your having a hard time staying consistent, and you feel like you’ve hit a plateau.

I’m sure we’ve all heard it before – if you want to have different results, you have to start doing something different.

I’m going to share with you why Crushing Your Goals calls are going to be the thing that gets you to achieve your goals and surpass your expectations.

Crushing Your Goals calls are designed to help you with all things, whether it is setting goals (we should all have them), achieving goals (and then setting new ones) and stumbling blocks and challenges that will get in the way of your goals.  

  1. You are just getting started with fitness (or you are coming back after a long break).  
  • I will help you figure out how hard to work as you begin
  • How to build a consistent sustainable schedule 
  • How to ensure you’re fuelling properly
  • Ensure you feel confident coming in for your first classes (everyone feels intimidated to start!)
  1. You are pregnant or coming back after pregnancy.
  • We will dive into all things core/pelvic floor, proper pacing, realistic expectations for what your body can do
  • I will help support any aches/pains/injuries you are experiencing and connect you with wonderful practitioners who can help you with your healing
  • There can be a lot of fear associated with returning to exercise postpartum but there doesn’t have to be!  I have the expertise and resources so you can feel confident.
  1. You have just set a big goal for yourself!  
  • You have just decided to run a marathon, hike Mount Everest, do a pullup, or deadlift 300 lbs.  I got you!  
  • We will map out a strategic and sustainable plan to get you there
  • We will talk about injury prevention and address any body issues/injuries that may arise
  1. Your energy is quite low and you are not getting stronger 
  • We will talk about what you’re eating to ensure you’re not under-fuelling
  • We will look at your training schedule to ensure you’re not over-training
  • We will create a plan and adjust as needed. 
  1. You are trying to shift your body composition (AKA dropping some body fat and gaining some muscle)
  • NO DIETS ALLOWED we will find a sustainable, healthy, enjoyable way to eat so that you support your exercise with great fuel and slowly shift your body composition to meet your healthy goals 
  • If it is not healthy for you to drop body fat we will work through that together and I’ll help you shift your mindset or connect you with someone who is an expert on this
  • Remember the rule:  if you can’t do this 90% of the time for the rest of your life, DON’T DO IT.
  1. You have a new injury or an old injury is acting up.  
  • I promise you that there is always a way to keep training, AND exercising properly through your recovery will teach you to move better, to manage your injury properly, reduce the likelihood of reinjuring
  • I collect the best practitioners around and I will connect you with the right ones to help you feel better, I will also communicate with your practitioners to help you follow their recovery plan while safely working out.
  1. Your schedule has shifted and your usual workout schedule isn’t working anymore.  
  • Whether it’s a new job, you’re back working in the office, or your child has started a competitive sport, I will work with you to find a new routine that makes sense in your busy life.
  1. A recent diagnosis of any kind.  
  • Health issues aren’t fun.  Don’t go through it alone!  Let me support you as you find a new way to care for your body while you go through whatever it is.
  1. You’ve been working out for a long time and feel like you’ve reached all of your goals.  
  • I promise you we can find your “why” 
  • When you are clear on that it will become so much easier to always stay in your consistent routine!
  1. You’d like to Find a Supportive and like-minded community.  
  • These small group calls are intimate, we share things, support each other and learn from each other.  Members who have been with me for a while often have great support/advice for others!  
  • Whatever you are working on, chances are someone else is too, and it can be really helpful to go through it together!

Over and over I have witnessed how successful these calls are in keeping our members focused, consistent, and supported.  This is one of the things that sets LYB apart from other gyms – we really care whether or not you achieve your goals.  We care about you and we want you to feel your best.

Calls take place Mondays and Thursdays at 12:30pm over Zoom and are included in all of our Bootcamp Memberships – Sign up today!