Corporate Fitness

Whether you’re looking for a fun corporate gym or activities to boost office morale, do it in a fun and supportive environment.

Ottawa Corporate Fitness Memberships

Why should you prioritize the health and fitness of your staff?

Employees who are given the opportunity to exercise during their lunch break experience many positive side-effects, including:


Improved productivity and time management skills


Mood improvements


Fewer post lunch energy dips


Using fewer sick days

Give your staff the gift of wellness with live fitness, yoga, and learn to run workshops, either virtually or in person.

All classes can accommodate any level of experience or ability.

Take advantage of a corporate membership to our online or in-person classes and platform.

“Kate and her amazing team always push me to work harder than I think I can.

Each class (either in person or now via video in my basement) has left me feeling stronger, feeling proud of my accomplishment and feeling happier for the day ahead.”

– Laura W

It is time to take care of YOU!