Introducing Coach Hannah Sunley-Paisley

Coach Hannah, who is your secret Crush?
Hannah: Henry Cavill and it’s not a secret. I’m waiting for him to accept my marriage proposal.
Family life?
Hannah: I have three sisters, none of them biologically related to me. We are the original modern family.
Favorite treat?
Hannah: I live for all things chocolate.
IRM Back Squat?
Hannah: Weight 200lb for a two rep max.
What do you love about yourself?
Hannah: Everything and nothing, but mostly the uneasy relationship I have with my hair.
What do you love about LYB?
Hannah: Body positivity and space to be my goofy self.
Coach Hanna, what tips do you have for LYB clients pls!
Hannah: More often than not, you’re stronger than you think you are.
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