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Our Mission

My name is Kate, and I run a very unique gym called Love Your Body Fitness.

We are a team of strong and positive women who empower others who identify as women (and men) to put themselves on the top of the priority list, reach their fitness goals and feel great. Functional Fitness, Mobility, HIIT keep our clients efficiently reaching their goals in minimal time. We pride ourselves in taking the best care of moms, both from their unique physical needs pre/postpartum as well as flexibility in scheduling and allowing them to bring their kiddos along with them.

Business is booming, and we’re always on the lookout for new team members to help us keep up with the demand! We’re looking for enthusiastic, positive, and hard-working people who believe in our mission and share our passion. Infectious energy, a warm and positive demeanour, a passion for obstacles, and the ability to connect with people are what we’re looking for most. The rest can be taught, and we are happy to teach!

Available Opportunities

Group Fitness and Personal Trainer

Tasks You'll Be Expected To Perform

Instruct group classes: We currently serve 150+ members in a group setting averaging 10-12 people per session. These classes are high intensity, full body workouts that blend strength and cardio. We meet each client where they are at and make sure everyone has a safe and challenging version of each movement. Currently classes run virtually as well as in person.

Teach our Private Clients: we teach our privates to reinvent their lifestyle to meet their fitness goals. We teach them to improve their mobility to increase ROM and strength. Our privates range in fitness, age and goals, and our trainers adapt to each ones individual needs

Required Skills

These are the skills you must already have in order to qualify for this position:
Advanced understanding of biomechanics and exercise science (GFT Position Only): If you are going to teach people how to move, you have to know how the body works. You must understand how the body responds to exercise and why we program activity at a specific duration, intensity, and frequency. Therefore, you must already possess a nationally recognized fitness certification or degree and have at least 2 years training experience to be eligible to coach any of our classes unassisted.

Personality & Etiquette: You will be engaging with our athletes, who are VERY important to us, and prospective members, who are also important. We need you to be attentive and inspiring at all times, and you must know how to conduct yourself professionally (conversing in person and even on the phone). We’ll teach you everything that is expected of you, but we cannot teach you charisma or manners.

Integrity & Aptitude: You must be trustworthy. We are building a team of people who speak plainly and truthfully, and do not cut corners ethically. We also need teammates who learn quickly and demonstrate the ability to proficiently absorb information.

Punctuality: We need you to be on time…ALWAYS.

Bonus Skills

If you have these additional skills, your resume will go right to the top of the stack (but if you don’t have these skills, you should still apply because not all of these are not mandatory).

– Degree in Exercise Physiology, Kinesiology or Nutrition
– Gymnastics, Powerlifting, and/or Kettlebell Specialist
– Certified Spartan SGX/SOS Instructor
– Certified NASM Personal Trainer
– Certified L1 CrossFit Instructor

If this position screams out to you, click the apply now button below to email us! Please include a resume, reference sheet, and cover letter detailing the position you are interested in and WHY you think you will be a great fit!

It is time to take care of YOU!