As a Mom
it is tough
to carve out
time for

(And since you are a Mom, you can probably come up with a million reasons why you cannot justify spending the time on YOU!)

As a Mom, it is
to carve out
time for yourself.

(And since you are a Mom, you can probably come up with a million reasons why you cannot justify spending the time on YOU!)

We understand.

We know exactly what it is like to be at the bottom of your own priority list.
But you deserve to be the healthiest, happiest version of yourself you can be.

You deserve to exercise.

Yes, we said deserve.

Exercise should not be a punishment, but a reward for prioritizing your own self care and health.

Think of it like loving your body healthy.

All of us want to see you kill it and feel fantastic.

We are your coaches and your cheerleaders.

Kate Laird
Owner/Head Coach/SuperMom

Kate understands what its like to be busy! She is a single mom, runs her own business and continues to prioritize her fitness.

She loves to have her butt kicked when she is not kicking someone else’s!

Kate has been in the fitness and yoga industry in Westboro for over 10 years. Her certifications over the years have included Personal Training, Group Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness, Resist-A-Ball, Aquafit, Power Yoga, Tune up and more!

She is experienced in working with all levels from high end athletes to seniors.

Regardless of your goals (weight loss, increased energy, increased strength, anything!) her philosophies and methods will help you achieve them!

Lacey Thompson

Along with being a graduate from the Heath and Fitness diploma program, Lacey is a certified personal trainer, functional training specialist, strength and conditioning coach, 200 hour certified yoga teacher and a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer.

She will help you discover your “why” and use that to create positive change both physically and mentally.

Hannah Sunley-Paisley
Coach/Former Pro Baller/Fantasy Author

She uses her experience as a professional basketball player (she played in Germany and France!) to help you discover a true passion for physical activity.

She loves motivating people to keep going – as a self-published author, she is no stranger to grit and determination. (Check out her Lochlan Ellyll Series!)

Katherine Micelli
Coach/Yoga Teacher/SuperMom

After the birth of her son Jasper, Katherine developed a new appreciation for the necessity of movement. She believes in combining various modalities and movement practices to create a well-rounded and healthy lifestyle.

She loves how running, swimming, practicing yoga or working out at the helps her be the best mom she can be!

Kim David

Kim grew up an all-around athlete, with her main sport being ringette. Kim was named in Team Canada top 50 in 2002 and played in the Canada Winter Games in 2003. Kim turned to Crossfit when she moved to Ottawa in 2013. She competed in a few mid-elite competitions, including Fire Breather and Atlas Games. Best open finish: 146th Canada East. She got her Crossfit Level 1 Certification in 2017.

Born and raised in New Brunswick, Kim is a critical care registered nurse. She is a mother of two; her 8-month-old baby and her loveable pup!

Amy Robinson

Amy is a holistic wellness advocate with a passion for helping others thrive rather than just survive. She teaches clients how to increase their healthspan through nutrition, functional movement, sleep hygiene and stress management. Rather than focusing on balance, she promotes a sustainable healthy lifestyle that is compatible with the ebbs and flows of life.

Amy believes that wellth is personal and accessible to all; She will meet you where you are and enable you to fulfill your potential.

Ronia Soroka
Virtual Gym Manager/SuperMom

Ronia is our bubbly LYB virtual gym manager; here to support you and cheer you on! Ronia started off as one of Kate’s Mommy Bootcampers – coming with her six kids in tow!

After a year as a LYB client, Ronia was invited to join the LYB Success Team to support and encourage other moms along their fitness journeys!

In Ronia’s own words, “I feel so blessed that I get to pay forward all the things Kate has taught me about loving my body and now I get to help other mothers find time and love for themselves.”

Daniel Shrum
Crossfit Athlete/Coach

Daniel has always had a passion for exercise and has been working as a personal trainer for over ten years.

His positive energy and extensive CrossFit training make him a sought-after coach!

“I’ve never been stronger

The online classes have provided the anchor in my day that I’ve needed. As a former varsity athlete, I love pushing my body hard.

Before I was struggling to make it to the in person classes and was lacking in motivation to push myself hard when working out on my own. Now I’m regularly doing the classes, on my own, recorded, or live, four to five times week. I’ve never been stronger and feel super connected to the community who participates in the classes.

My kids like to watch me do the classes and I’ve even found them doing burpees in their own! I’ve recommended the classes to just about everyone I know!

– Danielle Simpson

It is time to take care of YOU!