As a Mom,
tough to carve out
time for

(And since you are a Mom, you can probably come up with a million reasons why you cannot justify spending the time on YOU!)

We understand.

We know what it’s like to be at the bottom of your own priority list.
But you deserve to be the healthiest, happiest version of yourself you can be.

You deserve to exercise.

Yes, we said deserve.

Exercise should not be a punishment; it’s a reward for being an important person to your family and part of prioritizing your self-care and health.

Think of it like loving your body healthy.

All of us want to see you strong and feeling fantastic!

We are your coaches and your cheerleaders.

Kate Laird (She/Her)
Owner/Head Coach/SuperMom

Kate understands what it’s like to be busy. She is a re-partnered single mom, runs her own business and continues to prioritize her fitness.

She loves to have her butt kicked when she is not kicking someone else’s!

Kate has been in the fitness and yoga industry in Westboro for over 16 years. Her certifications over the years have included CrossFit® Level 2 Trainer, Personal Training, Group Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness, Resist-A-Ball, Aquafit, Power Yoga, Tune Up and more.

She is experienced in working with all levels of ability, from high-end athletes to seniors.

Kate’s experience sets her apart in her ability to help you reach your goals (be that weight loss, increased energy, increased strength, anything!).

Josee Riel (She/Her)
Gym Manager / Spartan Racer / Avid Hiker / Supermom!

Josee is our Client Success Specialist and here to help you and encourage you on your journey! She is a personal trainer, conditioning coach, and OCR trainer, Josee joined the fitness industry with a passion to help those around her to lead healthy lives.

Josee loves trail running, weight lifting, and climbing mountains with her son on her back.

While fitness can be a very personal journey, my favourite part is sharing it with my family. And LYB lets you do just that with their mommy and me classes and kid-friendly environment.”

Katherine Miceli (She/Her)
Gym Manager /Yoga Teacher/SuperMom

Katherine is a certified yoga instructor and personal trainer. After the birth of her son Jasper, Katherine developed a new appreciation for the necessity of movement. She believes in combining various modalities and movement practices to create a well-rounded and healthy lifestyle.

While Katherine has that gentle Yoga vibe, don’t let this girl surprise you – her classes are sneaky hard!

Samantha Wilkie (She/Her)
Personal Trainer/Coach/Dog Mom

Samantha always knew she wanted to help people but wasn’t sure how. While studying for a degree in Psychology she found a love for fitness. This led down the path of helping people mentally and physically.

With a degree in Psychology, a PN level 1 certificate, and a love for fitness and helping people, Samantha is constantly learning to be the best coach she can be!

Lacey Thompson (She/Her)
Coach/Crossfit Athlete/Yoga/SupaStar

Along with being a graduate from the Heath and Fitness diploma program, Lacey is a certified personal trainer, functional training specialist, strength and conditioning coach, 200-hour certified yoga teacher and a CrossFit® Level 1 Trainer

She is also a serious competitive Crossfitter and was about to compete in the Atlas Games when the world shut down for Covid last March.

Allison Maurice (She/Her)
Coach / Athlete / Group Fitness Trainer

Allison is a certified CrossFit® Level 1 Trainer​ as well as a graduate from the Fitness and Health diploma program at Algonquin College. She played competitive soccer up until 17 years old, realizing how much she enjoyed the strength and conditioning component of the sport.
Allison started personal training in July 2021 and has a passion for functional fitness and lifting.

Catherine Boyle (She/Her)

Catherine grew up in Regina, Saskatchewan where she completed her primary and secondary education. While growing up, she took part in various sports such as soccer and figure skating. However, Catherine was always most passionate about Dance! She received formal training in genres such as Ballet and Contemporary.


Presently, Cathy is a Human Kinetics student at the University of Ottawa, with the goal of becoming a Physiotherapist soon. She is a former Ballet dancer and her previous dance experience has helped her appreciate and understand movement better.

David Diaz (He/Him)
Coach / Group Fitness Trainer

David was born in Queretaro, Mexico.

He completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy and a Master’s Degree in Sports Physiotherapy.  In addition to this he’s a certified TRX coach (level 1), BMT (Balance Muscular Training), and Proprioceptive Training Specialist.  David also completed the Fitness and Health Promotion Program at Algonquin College.

David has always enjoyed sports and physical activity which included playing football for 10 years including playing at Pro level for 2 seasons in Mexico. This led to him studying Physiotherapy and even completing internships at the Mexican Olympic Committee.

David prioritizes his fitness because it allows him to continue doing the things he loves and maintain his quality of life.

Hannah Sunley-Paisley (She/Her)
Coach/Former Pro-Baller/Fantasy Author

She uses her experience as a professional basketball player in Germany and France to help you discover a true passion for physical activity.  In addition to her experience in competitive sport Hannah is also a CrossFit® Level 2 Trainer. 

Hannah is a fan-favourite of our membership. She keeps her classes moving with lots of variety and everyone loves her musical throwback selection!

Taryn White (She/Her)
Group Fitness Coach / Personal Trainer

Taryn has led an active lifestyle since a young age, starting horseback riding at 3 years old and getting her junior black belt in karate at the age of 12! Taryn discovered her love for functional fitness 2018. She continues to train and ride horses in the Hunter/Jumper discipline and is also working to become an osteopathic manual practitioner.  Taryn is a CrossFit® Level 1 Trainer. 

Taryn has a passion for health and fitness and for helping others to feel their best!


Nicole Scantlebury
Personal Trainer/Coach/Amateur Uke player/Corny Joke Teller

Nicole has an honours degree in Kinesiology, a CSEP Certified Personal Trainer, and PPSC Level 1.

She loves to be active and is always pushing herself to learn new things.  She likes to celebrate the little wins with her clients (like gets very excited!!) and loves to see the aha moments when someone tackles a new movement pattern.

Over the course of her career she has shifted focus to longevity and long term sustainable goals.

Being part of someone living their best life fills her cup!

MP Grenier (She/Her)

Former Fitness Competitor and Orthotherapist, MP is a Certified Personal Training Specialist, Mommy, and an athlete.

In 2011, MP was placed first place in the Fitness Category with Fitness Star International (FSI) in Montreal. In 2012, she was placed second in the Fitness Category with International Drug Free Athletics (IDFA) in Toronto. With MP, you train with the best.

Tina Valente (She/Her)
Coach/Certified Physical Education Teacher/Crossfitter Supermom!

Tina had a long-time passion for teaching fitness when she began personal training over 20 years ago which then lead to Education because she wanted to teach the younger population how to be healthy & fit!

Diagnosed with an autoimmune disease at the age of 2, Tina knows the importance of staying active and staying strong and healthy.

Honors degree in Kinesiology and a  Certified Physical Education Teacher, avid CrossFitter, cyclist, who also plays competitive softball and a mother of two.

Jennifer Rottmann (She/Her)
Coach/ Health and Fitness Educator/ Crossfitter/ Supermom!

Jenn has a passion for health, teaching, and fitness. She is a certified fitness instructor and has been teaching group fitness for 10 years.

A teacher educator at the Faculty of Education at the University of Ottawa and Jennifer’s courses focus on health & physical education for future teachers.

Victoria Falcone (She/Her)
Coach/ Personal Trainer

Victoria Falcone is a CrossFit® Level 1 Trainer and comes from a running background, completing many 1/2 marathons before discovering her love for functional fitness and Olympic weightlifting in 2016.  Victoria enjoys competing in local competitions and constantly strives to improve her overall health, fitness, and performance.

Victoria believes that health and fitness should be accessible to everyone and aims to provide an inclusive and supportive coaching environment

Stephanie Dadzie (She/Her)
Coach/Personal Trainer/Group Fitness Trainer/ Athlete

Currently with a Bachelors Degree in Aerospace Engineering, Stephanie has always been an athlete at heart: from partaking in varsity sports in High School, Powerlifting in University and currently an aspiring CrossFit games athlete. Stephanie is a certified CrossFit® Level 1 Trainer and loves the opportunity to pursue her passion in giving back to her community through coaching personal training, and functional fitness.

Amy Robinson (She/Her)
Personal Trainer/Holistic Nutrition Junkie/Coach 

Amy is a CrossFit® Level 1 Trainer and a Certified Transformation Nutritional Coach. Amy is a holistic wellness advocate with a passion for helping others thrive rather than just survive.

Amy believes that health is personal and accessible to all. She will meet you where you are and enable you to fulfill your potential.

Kelly Butler (She/Her)
Yoga Instructor /Mom to 5

Kelly is a certified Yoga Instructor with more than two decades of practice. As a busy mom of five, Yoga is her secret to staying grounded. Health promotion guides her work.

With a Master’s Degree in Health Sciences, she helps cultivate physical and mental wellbeing for individuals and community. Along with yoga, she teaches mindfulness through the University of Toronto’s Continuing Education program.

Exploring our capabilities and strengths through movement is a way to notice what’s happening in our bodies. Flexibility on the mat becomes flexibility for our daily lives.

Lauren Larocque (She/Her)
Yoga Teacher/ Event Enthusiast

Lauren is a certified yoga instructor with training in Yin & Meditation, sequencing and adjustments. She guides students of all levels through intelligent, creative, challenging and fun classes. Lauren believes in a balanced movement and breathwork practice for staying grounded and maintaining a healthy mindset and body.

Passionate about movement and events, Lauren loves planning events that bring people together.

Personal Trainer

Emily Clements (She/Her)
Coach/Yoga Teacher/Personal Trainer/Athlete/Mama Bear

Emily is a CrossFit® Level 1 Trainer, boxing coach, and Yoga Instructor.

Having accidentally stumbled into the world of CrossFit, she has found herself smitten with functional compound movements, drills and skills. Her missions include helping moms find freedom while skipping and joy with heavy lifts.

Emily’s goal is to help all clients learn the value of sustainable movement patterns, focusing on the ability to age with power, confidence, and a chin held high, over a bar.

“I’ve never been stronger.

The online classes have provided the anchor in my day that I’ve needed. As a former varsity athlete, I love pushing my body hard.

Before I was struggling to make it to the in-person classes and was lacking the motivation to push myself hard when working out on my own. Now, I’m regularly doing the online classes on my own, recorded or live, four-to-five times week. I’ve never been stronger and feel super connected to the other moms in LYB community.

My kids like to watch me do the classes and I’ve even found them doing burpees in their own! I’ve recommended the classes to just about everyone I know!

– Danielle Simpson, mother of 2, Ottawa

It is time to take care of YOU!