6 Reasons Why It’s Important To Exercise

Mom’s this one’s for you!

I know what you’re thinking.

Motherhood, with its seemingly never-ending list of responsibilities, doesn’t always seem to leave much extra time in the day to focus on you.

But what if I told you that by carving out a few you-hours in your week, you’ll gain back the energy, strength, and confidence you long for and deserve.

Here are six reasons why exercise is a worthy investment for all moms.


Manage Your Stress 

Motherhood is a gift. But you and I both know that gifts can also be extremely stressful. As moms, we need a way to blow off some steam so that we can be the best version of ourselves for our families and our own well-being.

Physical activity moves your body through the fight or flight response, releasing stress and improving your cardiovascular, digestive, and immune systems. This also helps protect your body from the harmful effects of stress.

Committing to a regular exercise routine helps reduce your stress, so you can feel better physically and mentally.


Get Better Sleep

Have you ever heard a mother say they wouldn’t like to get more sleep? Didn’t think so.

Exercise improves the quality and duration of your sleep because it tires you out and relieves stress and anxiety – the things that keep you up at night despite your best efforts.

In one study, roughly 76-83% of respondents who engaged in light, moderate, or vigorous exercise reported very good or fairly good sleep quality.

It’s time to get those Z’s, moms.


Boost Your Energy

 Because exercise helps you sleep better you can count on more energy the next day.

This wonderful cycle will help you crush your mom-duties with extra stamina.

Plus, the strength you build when training your body will carry over to day-to-day tasks like running after your kids and checking off your amazingly long to do-lists.


Reduce Postpartum Pains

Recently had a baby? Exercise can provide significant lower belly and pelvic floor strengthening, reducing post-childbirth pains and protecting you from gaining new ones.

Post-workout, you’ll also enjoy a rush of endorphins like serotonin that will help you feel your best as you establish a new life routine that puts you and your baby first.


Be A Role Model

 Your kids will look up to you whether you exercise or not. It’s up to you to teach them healthy habits they can take forward in their own lives. Why not set a good example?

 By increasing your stamina, you’ll also gain more energy to ‘be a kid’ with them! Cool moms play on monkey bars, right?


You Deserve You Time

 As a mom, I know it might feel like everything falls on your shoulders and there’s no time in the day for what you might call ‘selfishness.’

But this simply isn’t true. You deserve to carve out time for yourself without exception.

Taking care of yourself is the opposite of selfish. When you focus on improving your physical and mental health you only improve your capacity to take after your kids and be the best mom you can possibly be.

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Get started today. You’ve got this mom.